Saturday, December 3, 2011


Alrightyyy familia. This week was pretty normal. It´s been a little busy for me because it's the end of the month (which always means lots of fun entering in baptismal records) and we have interviews next week so I gotta do aguas de cuyo. Which I haven´t started Monday is gonna be a blast haha.

This week we focused a bit more on finding new people because the people that had weren´t really keeping their commitments or progressing. we found a family that looked pretty cool at first but when we went back yesterday there friends were coming out with like 6 beer bottles to go fill up again and this guy who was either high or really drunk came out to talk. Even if the family are angels it´s hard to get baptised when you´re surrounded by those circumstances. We did however talk to the son of Carmen and his wife and a couple friends for a good 45 minutes one day. We went by and the door was open and we just started up a conversation and they were soooo nice. They invited us in and said it was his birthday and gave us some soda and they just seem really open (the wife actually listened to missionaries for a really long time when she was younger) and we´re really excited about them. The only somewhat downside that we have is that Carmen is leaving to Chile for a week with Florencia. So we can´t teach Carmen´s son with her there, which would have been ideal, and obviously we can´t teach Florencia because she´ll be in Chile. However, Florencia is coming to church with her mom tomorrow and we´re gonna try to get Carmen to go to chruch in Chile and also go to the temple because it´s only like 20 minutes away from her house. So that would be a cool experience for both of them. And we´ll just have to go by with a different member to teach her son and wife for this week.

The only mildly exiting or different thing that happened this week was that I got a police background check thing done so I can get my visa renewed soon. That´s a lot of what Elder Ostler does so it was interesting seeing how all of that gets done. He knows like everyone in the government buildings we have to go to because all 200 missionaries we have get their visas renewed at those places. Usually the ladies at one place teasingly/not really teasingly complain and tease him because he always brings so much work for them to do haha. But their still our friends. Sometimes we bring facturas (those donut like things) so that they like us more. Food is the way to win any friend.

We had a super good lesson with Adriana yesterday. She´s told us that she thinks the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she says that the Catholic church feels like her home and she doesn´t want to commit to change religions. We re-taught the apostasy and focused on getting a spiritual answer from God. We testified a ton. It was a great lesson. We put a goal for her of getting baptised on the 10th which is gonna require a miracle but it´s all in God´s hands now. She committed to really studying the Book of Mormon and praying to see if it was true so I have hope that she´s gonna make it. She should also be coming to church tomorrow (which is stake conference) and there´s gonna be a sweet choir singing christmas songs so hopefully she really feels the spirit there.

Other than that we´re working with a couple other people but their not really progressing a ton. Jorge for example just isn´t really following through on anything he says he´s going to do. We had an awesome planning session this last thursday so we´re excited for next week. I´m having a blast with Elder Ostler. I love how we work and teach together, we just get along really well and have had some really cool lessons together. I really hope I stay with him another transfer. He would be the first companion since my trainer that I would have more than 1 transfer with. We´ll see what happens.

With all the love of a hot December,

Elder Lounsbury

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