Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

This week has been pretty dang fantastic. How about all of you? I hope everything is going splendidly.

What did you all do for New Years? We had our own little New Years party and it was off the hook. First, we went to this room that has a piano and two of the sisters played hymns while everyone else in our District studied the Scriptures. Then we went around and kind of had a combined companionship/district study session where everyone shared something they had learned, it was wayyyyyy tight. I cannot express to you how much I love my District, it's like a perfect combination of funny and spirituality. Anyways, that was really cool and studying to music was like 17 million times better for me. It was kind of funny to think how completely opposite our New Years Eve was compared to the majority of the world that got drunk and partied. We partied too, just in a cooler way haha.

Elder Sheen's Mom sent him this processed hostess fruitcake that was about 8 inches long and had 2000 calories in the whole thing. It looked like a colorful, well shaped peice of poop. So after our study session I had the idea to go back to our room and have everyone try a bite of it, for tradition or patriotism or something. Haha I don't really know what I was thinking but it was absolutely hilarious, it was literally the most disgusting thing I've eaten in my life. Practically everyone took a bite and then gaged and spit it out into the garbage can. It was so funny watching everyone try to eat it, there was a look of complete disgust which turned into laughter because we saw the reactions of everyone else. Elder Summers and I forced ourselves to eat it while fighting the overwheleming urge to vomit/laugh because everyone else was making such a big deal of it. I really think I'm ready for cow stomach, hoofs and ears or pig eye balls or whatever else they feed me in Argentina because I don't know if anything else can be so repulsive as that fruit cake. The only other thing we did was that when we went back to our residence we had some Martinelli's and a short silly string fight. Then we cleaned up the silly string fight haha. That was our New Years Eve. All before 10:15 haha.

Some other cool stuff happened this week. First, I finished your tape last Wednesday and got to the part where Autumn Papritz said she'd be at the MTC on that exact day. Then I saw her like a couple hours later at lunch haha. It was really cool. I saw her again at the temple walk on Sunday and we took a picture together and she told me how she'd babysat Noah and Enoch like just a week ago which made me a little jealous haha but it was cool. She bore her testimony to me and it sounded way legit, like I could understand a couple words but most of it sounded like she was making it up haha. I like crazy sounding languages though. I actually just saw her coming back from our temple session this morning.

This week we got one of our old teachers back who had been on vaction for the Holidays and it was way good to have him back. He always stressed Spanish more in class which I love about him. His very first day he commited us to 100% Spanish for the next two weeks until we leave. It was cool because coming from me no one would have done it, but coming from him they were more willing. Then he said we need to have some accountability, and since it's easy when we're only accountable to ourselves to stop speaking or just stop caring, he said we needed to make a commitement with God. We knelt down as a class after everyone had thought that two weeks of Spanish was reasonable, and then he gave an awesome prayer basically making a commitement to God and asking for help. It was really neat. That was on Monday night so we've only had one and a half days with that, and although we haven't been perfect, we've definitely been better than previous weeks so that has been nice. Hopefully we can keep it up. Also, this week the oldest zone left and one of the Elders gave me his extra pillow so now I have two and it's flippin fantastic.

I totally didn't even think to send you all pictures! I can't do it from these computers (hopefully I'll be able to in Argentina) so I'll have to go to the store and print them off, but hopefully I can get some to you soon. The only other thing I think I might need is shoe glue, those black indoor shoes I have are kinda coming apart, but besides that I'm good. It's crazy that Dad is making all of those changes in the garage and everywhere. It's going to be cool to come back and see all of those. Also, tell him i did get the gloves and thank you very much. Their definitely being used.

Welp, that's about all I have to say.

Love, Elder Lounsbury.

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