Monday, January 31, 2011

A week already!

Sweet Lady Gaga this week has gone by fast. Thanks for the emails and
updates, as always I love them.

Okay, so I gotta answer some of your questions before I forget. For
laundry we just take it to a member´s house who has a washer and then
I think they just hang them out to dry. The only down side is
sometimes they take a I still don´t have my clothes from
last week back so I´ve been wearing the same white shirt all
week. It´s so gross haha. Next time I´ll split it up and give her like
half. What else.. Yeah we don´t ride any bikes here, but everyone else
does. Almost everyone just rides their bike to town and a majority of
people have motorcycles and then a couple have cars. Usually if
you want to travel to another town you take take a bus. That´s what we
do on P-day or for Zone Conference.

Speaking of Zone Conference, we had one on Friday and it was the bomb.
We kinda had to wake up really early to get there but it was worth it.
They had all the missionaries who hadn´t been to a zone conference
before get up and introduce themselves and then Sister Lindahl gave a
super awesome talk about not looking back. She started it out with
that New Year´s Mormon Message I told you guys about a while ago and
then shared some cool scriptures and stories. Then we broke off and
the Assistants taught us a lesson about how to help reactivate
inactive members and finally President gave this awesome lesson about
being in ¨holes¨ and how even though they´re incredibly hard they
shape us the most and if we work hard we can see miracles. Both
President and Sister Lindahl are cool.

This week I also had my first baptism! Her name is Agraciela and she´s
8 haha. Her sisters have been baptized but her parents haven´t. It was
a small service with not a lot of people which was good for me because
I had to give a talk. My pronounciation is very gringo but I wrote it
out to make sure I got all of my conjugations right. One guy
complemented me and when I asked him if he could understand he said
yes so I guess that´s good haha.

Also....on Sunday I had cow intestine and heart!!! haha. I was so
excited, Elder Robinson hadn´t ever had it before and he only has like
4 more months and I get it in my second week. The intestine was super
rubbery. Like you couldn´t really even chew it like you would normal
food, you just kinda had to swallow rather large chunks. Plus it
hardly had any flavor at all. I wasn´t a huge fan but it wasn´t bad.
The heart was actually kinda good, the inside was way better than the
outside though. We also had lamb which was superrrrr good. Anyways,
that´s one adventure for this week.

On Thursday we went on Divisions so the District leader could come
down and interview Agraciela for her baptism, so I went to Oeste and
worked with the District Leader´s companion. We finished our open the
mouths (we have to talk to 10 people on the street every day) and were
going to do a FHE with a family but forgot the keys to the pension
with the District leader so we couldn´t get any of the stuff that we
needed. We saw a member, recent convert, and his friend on the street
and they invited us to play soccer, and it was incredible. First of
all, I didn´t have anything but shorts to spend the night so I looked
like biggest goof ever. We had to run like a mile to the chancha
(court) we were going to play in and I was flippin running in my dress
shoes and socks, my orange shorts, and a green tight underarmor shirt
I borrowed from a member. hahah. The court was legit, it was basically
all dirt in the middle and a bit of grass on the outsides. The whole
thing was surrounded by a fence and then on top of the fence was a net
probably like 20 feet high. So I started playing as it was getting
dark, in my dress shoes and socks, and completely clashing outfit of
green and orange against these young teenage boys. I´m just going to
brag for a little bit and say that I started out the game by
nutmegging this guy, and passing the ball for an assist. After that
they killed us haha. It starting raining like sooooo hard and there
was thunder and lightning and I was in the middle of nowhere Argentina
playing soccer in the mud. I felt so legit.

Also, this week at lunch I heard the Phineas and Ferb theme song come
on and I about flipped out. Sure enough they have Phineas and Ferb weird. It shattered my entire universe. It was an episode I
haven´t seen before either which is hard to belive haha. Another funny
story is that this week we opened the mouth with this guy who was
wearing like these boxer shorts and had white socks with green
elephants on them. I think madeline would be incredible jealous. He
also said I had weird eyes haha.

One last thing, the stars out here are super crazy. They are so
flippin bright because we´re just surrounded by farm land. Also,
everything is backwards, like if you look at the stars at night with a
mirror that´s how I see them. Not really, but I bet some of you might
have believed that. haha. We can see O´ryans belt super good, and I
can´t see the North Star. Crazy right?

Well, hopefully I covered all of your questions, sorry if I left stuff
out. I love you all and hope you are all doing spendidly!

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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