Monday, February 7, 2011

I flippin love this place

Like seriously, this place has so much character. I think I want to
live here for two years..oh yeah, I am! This week was pretty good, we
found a ton of people and our numbers were way high but after 3 solid
commitments from investigadors, none of them came to church. So that´s
basically all we´re going to work on this week. It´s hard because in
Bowen the people are almost too nice, they´ll let you in and listen to
you but sometimes just because they don´t want to say no. Or like on
the streets they´ll act interested and then just lie about their
address. But when we do open the mouths in bigger cities a lot of
people will just ignore you or say they´re not interested. For some
reason getting shot down in Spanish doesn´t bother me very much haha.

To answer your question I haven´t gone to the big branch yet, I think
we´re going to go next week, but I do think they have ¨normal¨
services with 3 hours and different classes etc. The water where I am
right now is okay to drink, it tastes a little weird but so does Utah
water haha. Tang is huge down here, I´ve started putting like just
half a packet in an old soda bottle to take away the taste, it kinda
ends up being like propel haha. Lunches with memebers are the same
every week. So like every Tuesday we´ll have it with one family and
every Wednesday we´ll have it with a different one etc. I just have
cereal in the morning and some kind of crackers or bread with jam for
dinner. We don´t really have a big dinner at all like in the states.

A couple way cool things happened this week. I had my first banana
split ever. It was so good. Like so good, we might go to the same
place today. But really, words can not even describe how beautiful it
tasted in my mouth. Also, there was one lunch appointment where I
understood like most of what was going on. It was a cool contrast
because it was the same family that I had my first lunch with in
Argentina 3 weeks ago so it was cool to be able to gauge the
difference. Being able to understand what´s going on helps me be
myself because for the past couple weeks I´ve just been really quiet
because I won´t know exactly what´s going on haha.

We started a Noche de Logar and English classes this week. Noche de
Logar is Family night but for the ward, so it´s kind of like mutual. Our
first attempt was soooo hectic. Like holy cow. Haha it reminded me of
home or some kind of family reunion because there were a ton of loud
kids. It was probably more hectic because I had no idea what they were
saying haha. Anyways, hopefully that will be better in the future but
we´re trying to think of ways to get the ward together and create
opportunities where investigators can make friends with the members.
English class was a fail because this furnititure store opened up
across the street and was like thowing a party for their opening haha.
It was strange. I swear like half the town was there. They had this
band play and were giving away matresses and tvs and stuff so I think
everyone who was going to go forgot and watched the party haha. Oh

ALSO, holy cow, this country is so cool. in 2010 they made 5 special
pesos to celebrate their 200th year anniversary and the pesos just
have like engravings of famous places in the country. Anyways, one of
them has A WALRUS on it, not even joking. It is the coolest coin I
have ever seen in my life, I got one this morning and it made my life
complete. I´m not really sure what place it´s depicting haha but I´m
guessing it´s somewhere way south where they have penguins and
walruses apparently.

Welp family, thanks again for the love and support

Love, Elder Lounsbury

P.S. Happy belated birthdays to Dad and Isaac!!

P.S.S. If you have any really good FHE ideas send them to me and we
can try doing it with the ward. K I think that´s all, PEACE

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