Monday, February 21, 2011

Dog Week

This week was Dog Week, it´s kinda like Shark Week but with dogs and in Argentina. I have two stories but first you need some background information. There are dogs everywhere. I´d say about 90 percent of the population where I´m at right now has at least one dog. There are also random dogs that just kinda roam the street, they just chill downtown, take a nap on the road, sleep by a store, they just kinda do whatever they want. But all of the dogs that I´ve been around are all bark and no bite. I´ve even seen two watch us coming, climb back under or through their fence, and then bark all tough at us, like if the fence wasn´t there they´d have at it. Bunch of wimps. They´re pretty funny.

Now for the stories. We walked kinda out into the campo (the outskirts of town) to try and find some nuevos and we clapped at this one house at the end of the road.We usually clap when there is a closed gate but in this case the gate was open but we clapped anyways because their house was kinda a ways away and I don´t know, it´s kinda like asking permision to keep going. Anyways, we clap and these 4 or 5 giant dogs just come running straight at us like the dogs off of I Am Legend. I about pooped my pants. My life flashed before my eyes. But then it was just kinda anticlamatic and the dogs got a couple feet away, stopped, and kept barking. Haha. The second story is that I saw the biggest dog in the world. Holy Cow. This kid was just walking it on a leash in the street and it looked like a baby pony or something. Like the kid was probably Caleb´s height it and it was up to his elbow. I think he was the dog off of The Sandlot.

Welp, besides that things are going really well. We started teaching a way legit family named Gatica and they´re looking like they´re going to progress really fast. They´ve already been to church and they know a memeber and even though some of the daughters were uptight at first by the end they were like joking with us and it was way cool. They were out of town on Sunday so they couldn´t go to church but they should go next week.

Also, I don´t know if I ever told you about this one lady we´re teaching but if she keeps progressing it would like be the coolest thing ever. Her name is Gladis and we opened the mouth with her one day and she didn´t want anything to do with us, her 18 year old daughter had died a couple months ago and she was just really mad at God. We didn´t give up and had to ask like 4 or 5 times but she finally gave us her address. We taught her a couple times and left one of these little pamphlets we have that explained the Plan of Salvation and when we went back on Saturday she said that her duaghter had read it to her and that she felt ¨tranquilidad¨ or like a calmness I guess. It was cool, afterwords they had some really good questions which means they´re actually thinking about things and that they´re interested so we´re really excited.

We talked to Pedro and Lucas yesterday but they didn´t go to chuch because they were at a birthday party until pretty late. It´s hard to find time to teach them but they would be soooo solid. Whenever we´re with them they just invite their friends over and we talk with all of them too. They would be some really solid youth which is someone Bowen needs.
We´re still teaching Omar and he´s been a lot better. He made a list of all the things he wants to change like to stop smoking and clean up his language and he has a really good desire to change so he´s looking way promising as well. We´re teaching a ton and stay way busy passing by a bunch of different people so life is going pretty dang good.

So a couple more interesting things before I go. At the grocery store when you use a card they ask you if you want to pay in one payment. I think you can split your bill in up to 3 parts but I´m not really sure when they end up taking the others off your card. Also, at the store a USB thing was listed as 2.89 x 17. Haha. So like unless you have a calculator or are really good at math you never really know exactly how much some things cost. Also, no one can really say my name. Usually they can get as fas as ¨Louns¨ but that´s about it. haha. So...thanks Dad.

Welp I hope all of you are doing just splendid. Thanks for the love and support!

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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