Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gettin' a tan in February

How is rainy Oregon doing for you all? I hope I don´t make you all too jealous because I´m getting a real nice tan down here. Also, I have a nice collar half of my neck is white haha. This week was pretty good, it´s insane to think that this week I will celebrate 1 month in Argentina and 3 months on my mission! Time flies.

First off, today was the bomb. We had pancakes at the church this morning as a zone and I had some with Dulce de Leche (that caramel like stuff) which was soooo good in my mouth. Then we played soccer which was fun as always and went shopping to get stuff for lunch. We made some nice juicy good ol´ American burgers with Chedder Cheese, Guacamole, and even a fried egg on it. It was heaven. Also, speaking of food, the Oreos down here are insaneeeeee. At our store in Bowen they don´t even have normal ones, the have duo Oreos with TWO flavors. I know right? One was like banana and dulce de leche which I need to try and I can´t remember what the other one was but i´m pretty sure it was way good too. Also, they have triple chocolate ones with 3 things of cookie and two layers of chocolate frosting. They are to die for. Anwyays, that was probably the best part of my week haha.

This week our Noche de Logar and English classes were way better. Noche de Logar was so funny, we started out doing an exersize where everyone has to stand on a blanket and then you have to flip the blanket over without anyone touching the floor. Except Elder Robinson and I didn´t actually know what the trick is to do it ahaha. So that was funny. Then these two girls had a couple games that we played as well and they were so much fun. The first one was you get a plastic cup and two people race to drink it without using their hands. So if you try to go too fast you end up getting water all down your neck haha. But the next one was even better. It was a race with a cup of water again but this time you had to hold the cup up over your head with your arm straight and try to pour it into your mouth. It´s way to hard to guess where the heck the water is going to go so people were basically just pouring water on themselves trying to aim it in their mouth. I was laughing so hard. Water was spilt and fun was had. We actually had people show up to english class which was good but it was kinda crazy because these one or two kids are really loud. All we did was teach them the alphabet but it was kinda frustrating because it was so hectic and crazy. But hopefully next week will we better.

Also, we got 4 people to church on Sunday!! It was somewhat unexpected but way cool. A memeber brought a friend that we´re going to start teaching this week, and another one is living with a member but needs to get married and quit smoking and drinking before he can be baptized (it´s way hard to get married here by the way, I don´t really know why but it takes up to like a year. And if the people need a divorce it´s even longer so that´s frustrating when you have someone that wants to get baptized. So many people just aren´t married because it´s such a hastle). Anways, the other one was this guy we are teaching who is really sad because his wife and kids left him and the last one is this stud named Pedro who is 13 and came all by himself. We´ve been teaching him and his brother and their both way smart and get everything we teach and even said they felt something when they prayed about Joseph Smith which I think is the first time I´ve had an investigator here follow up on that commitment so was legit. We have a lot of potential again so hopefully we can work with that.

Well family, I´m glad all of you are doing well, thanks again for the emails and love.

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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