Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ya'll ready for this . . .

First and foremost, one of the biggest weekends of the year is almost upon us. It´s the grandaddy of grandaddies. The weekend to end all weekends. I am so stoked out of my brain that I get giggly like a school girl just thinking about it. It´s as if the Super Bowl and World Cup were combined into one. Joyous glee will sound throughout the world. It´s going to be the party of all parites. Cholestoral raising amounts of food are going to be bought. And then we´re setting up a giant big screen high def projector in the church and watching--you guessed it--General Conference!!!!!!!

I really hope you are all as pumped as I am.

This week we worked way hard trying to get as many with members lessons as possible to keep ourselves surviving in the March Madness competition. Although we doubled the amount of with member lessons we´ve ever had in Bowen, our Zone fell short and it looks like we won´t be advancing any further. The other Zones put up ridiculous numbers and it seems as though that dinner with President is slipping through our fingers like sand on the beach haha.

I have a couple good stories for this week. The funniest one happened when we were teaching a less active member who can´t go to church because she´s sick. We were trying to get references from her and were just talking outside. Her Marido (that´s the word they use that´s kinda like husband but when they´re not married and have just lived together for forever) came out and walked by us and the back of his jeans where half way down his butt. I don´t even know how that happens. He had a belt and the front of his pants were snuggly on his waist but maybe he just forgot to pull the back of them all the way up in the morning or something. I just glanced over and saw him and then had to turn away because I was laughing so hard. Then he got on his bike to go buy something and when I looked and saw him riding away half his Argentine crack was proudly being revealed to whoever he happened to drive by. It was quite comical.

We also saw the Argentine version of Robert Downey Jr. this week. After we walked past him Elder Robinson and I just stopped and were like woah...what? I wish I could have taken a picture because the resemblence was incredible. I also noticed this week that there is an actor in the Finding Faith in Christ dvd that looks like Demetri Martin. It´s in the scene where Jesus heals the man who had Leporsy. Look for it and tell me what you think haha. On another random note, I saw fireflies for the first time since I was like a little baby! There were only a couple of them but it was still way cool. There was a lightning storm in the distance which made it even more...illuminating?

On Sunday night we usually take a bus to Oeste and spend the night there before we go to Alvear for P-day. And I was finally able to make that birthday cake you sent me! It just so happened that the Elders there had these two other pie things there were going to make and we had bought two Pepsis the day before so we made everything and had a giant sugar rush. The cake turned out wayyy good, so thanks again for that. One of the Elders even had these giant ballons that said happy birthday on them that he hadn´t used so we blew those up and had a little celebration. It was way fun even though it was like a month late haha. So much sugar though...

Well I think that´s all I have for now, don´t fall asleep during Conference ;)

With all the love of the fattest walrus in the world,
Elder Lousnbury

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