Monday, April 4, 2011

Eating cough drops like candy

This week practically our whole Zone got sick. Some had it pretty bad and just looked and sounded miserable but I got lucky and didn´t have much more than a runny nose and sore throat. Grandma and Grandpa Lousnbury sent me from cough drops for Christmas in the MTC and I took full advantage of them. They are delicious. The funny thing is, people here really do eat cough drops for candy. Like sometimes they won´t have exact change at a store so they´ll give you what they can and then throw in a couple "candies" to make up for it, but really they´re cough drops.

How did you all like General Conference?! I thought it was delectable. We bought chips and soda and watched it on this tiny tv in the church haha. Everyone else watched it in the chapel on the big screen projector, they don´t have it on regular tv here like they do in the states. It went by wayyyyyy fast for us, and I didn´t even fall asleep once!! (for maybe the first time in my life). I liked Kent Richard´s on Saturday Morning about how pain teaches us patience. I loved Elder Oak´s on desires on Saturday Afternoon and how they shape what we seek in life and who we will become. Elder Uctdorf´s on how we can´t wait on the path to what we can become, but need to take steps of faith and actually start was way good too. And I super loved Lynn Robin´s on to do and to be. Definitely need to read that one again but it blew my mind out of its socket. Super interesting part about raising kids too, maybe the pyschology lover in me is what loved it so much..

The way cool news for the week is that Gladis came to Conference! I don´t know if you remember her but she was the one that was super mad at God when we first talked to her because her daughter had died. She´s progressed so much since then and opened up to us way more. You can tell God is working with her because even a couple weeks ago she wouldn´t even consider going to church. But on Friday we got a solid commitment out of her and then she came to the Sunday Afternoon one. It was so cool, the whole time I was praying she´d have her questions answered. She left kinda fast before we could talk to her so I don´t know how it all went but you can´t go wrong with the prophets and apostles right?

We play basketball with Pedro and Lucas on Saturdays and I think it´s helping them open up a little more. This week we´re going to get some studs from Oeste who are really outgoing and just can be their friends because we don´t have any youth in Bowen of their age. We saw them on Friday night and played Ping Pong at their house for a couple minutes and had a good time and while we were leaving they even asked us about church. I feel like if it was in Bowen they would have gone. So hopefully this next week we´ll get them.

Welp, that´s about all I got for now. Sorry I didn´t have very many excited stories haha, this week went by wayyy fast because of Conference. It was almost like a three day weekend because we have P-day now!

With all the love of a Ping Pong champ in training,

Elder Lounsbury

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