Monday, April 18, 2011

Grapes--April 11, 2011

Probably like 60 or 70 percent in the Bowen do the cosecha (harvest) in the surronding campos. So far I´ve been here while people are harvesting peaches, apples, pears, plums, and now grapes. Maybe I´ve just missed it with the other fruits, or maybe the places where they take them are further away, but there are soooo many grapes. One of the main roads we walk down has been lined almost 24/7 with around 17 dump trucks, all practically overflowing with grapes, waiting to drop off their load at the winery. By the time one unloads everything (which takes a while) it seems like someone else has come from the fields and takes their place. Dump trucks! Filled with grapes!

The other exciting news this week is that I´m getting my first Latin companion!! We found out last night because the Assistants called Elder Robinson to let him know that he´s going to be traveling for his last transfer. It´s such an awesome way to die, he´s way excited. Anyways, I was mildly nervous out of my face last night when I found out but I´m excited. It´ll definitely force me to work a lot more on my Spanish which is what I need. Hopefully by the end of the transfer I´ll be more or less fluent. We also have a couple of investigators that are looking like possible baptisms so I´m excited to work hard and try to get them before I leave Bowen for bigger fish. haha.

I do have a funny story for this week. We went to Oeste for testimony meeting which was wayyyy better than Bowen. (I don´t know if I told you but last time when we were in Bowen only like 10 people bore their testimony including me and Elder Robinson and at one point this little girl got up to go to the bathroom and you could hear everything. It took so much strength not to just die laughing.) Anyways, this time was better. However, Bowen still brought the comical relief. This old man named Lucero apparently bears infamous testimonies, but I still hadn´t heard one of his yet. He got up to the pulpit and then bowed his head and said a silent prayer before getting way passionate about his message and like waving his arms and pounding the pulpit. It reminded me of that one episode of The Office where Dwight gives that speech. I´m happy Bowen keeps things fun.

Welp, the only other thing I got for this week is we taught a way cool neuvo named Jorge Latorre. First of all, I´m way jealous of his name. It´s rolls off the tongue way nice. We just started talking to him one day when we were on Divisions. He looked like he was 55 or 60 maybe but when we asked him he told us he was 77. We were like, "Naw, you´re kidding me" and he very genuinely offered to show us his documents inside that proved he was that old haha. He was like "No I´m serious, you want to see my documents? I have the documents inside!" Haha. Anyways, he was listening to the radio so we started talking about music and he told us he like reggatone (which is funny because that´s like the Argentine rap and he´s 77) but then somehow we got on the topic of dancing and he told us he knew how to tango. We joked around with him and said he´ll have to teach us so when we go back to the states we can impressive all the ladies, and thought that was really funny. He´s really nice and would be a stud convert.

I also bought Alpagatas this week, which are like the originals of the Tom´s shoe brand, so I look like a native now.

Tell Madeline Happy Birthday and that she still needs to stay away from guys for another year. haha

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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