Tuesday, April 26, 2011

English 101

Hey family!! First of all, sorry this is a day late (again) but we had Zone Conference yesterday so today is our P-day! I´m still doing as splendid as a goose. I guess I´ll start out with Zone Conference yesteday. I´ve come to the conclusion that Zone Conferences are kind of like camping. You´re excited the week leading up and the night before you´re up late packing and don´t get very much sleep (in our case because we had to leave Alvear at 4 in the morning). Then the drive over you´re pretty much just asleep the whole time because it´s early and you´ve got nothing better to do. When you actually get there you gotta unload all your stuff and find your way to the camp spot, which for us meant finding our way through downtown Mendoza. The actual Conference was way good, as usually, and I was able to have giddy reunions with Elder Sargent from the MTC and Elder Robinson. Elder Mori and I won cleanest pench for our zone so we got a giant thing of alfajores. Then our zone won this scripture chase competition so we won even more. So our food that day wasn´t very healthy to say the least (once again, just like camping). And then by the time we left I was just sick of feeling greasy and not getting very much sleep and just wanted to see a normal bed again. Just like camping.

Okay, my story for the week has to do with trying to help the daughter of Gladis with her English homework. We were over teaching them and after we were done Gladis brought up the fact that her daughter wanted help with English but was just too shy to ask haha. So she got out her homework and I tried to explain weird pronounciation and our random grammer to her in Spanish. It was just this sheet with a bunch of questions on it and she had to go through and answer them all, so it was pretty simple. Anyways, I could not stop laughing because there were phrases that I´d never heard in my life like "What is your surname?" "When do you lay the bed?" "Do you like the going to the cinema?" and "When do you do the washing-up?" haha. I didn´t even know what the washing-up would be, but she explained to me that it meant washing the dishes, and the question "When do you do the washing?" is just asking about when you wash your clothes. Anyways, I thought it was really funny. I think it´s because there´s two types of English that they teach down her and I think that´s the Britanica type. I also saw a shirt that this guy was wearing in the street that said "Born Loser" and I had to wonder if for some reason he´d want a shirt that said that or if he just liked the colors and decided to buy it.

Things with Elder Mori are still going well. I have a ton of words that I´m learning and we´re getting along well enough. A funny side note though: He is one of the worst soccer players I have ever seen in my life hahah. I feel bad for him because that´s like all our Zone does on P-days because we´re a small Zone and everyone can play at the same time. But he´s a latin and they´re supposed to be good but really, he´s not. haha. He knows how to play the Harmonica though, and does so often in random times like when we´re walking in the street, in a bus terminal, or on a bus. I never really know how to react.. haha. But he´s chill so we´re doing fine.

I hope you all had a happy easter! I didn´t even realize it was easter until the night before because there were a bunch of people by the catholic church in Bowen doing a reinactment of somesort. But I don´t think I ate a single peice of chocolate the whole day so that was definitely something different. But Easter isn´t about the chocolate and finding eggs haha. Oh, one other way cool thing that happened this week was we got 4 people in church, in Oeste! Last week was the first time the missionaries had ever gotten an investigador there in like 4 months and we got 4 this week. It was way cool, wayyyyy more of the members went to (the first week we went I think only like 5 members came) but I think we had around 20--all smooshed into this 15 person van haha. I was proud to be a Bowenian. I am also am the proud owner of a Bowen Football Club jersey and sported it today in Alvear. Gotta represent.

I got the letters and drawings from the boys this week so thanks a ton for those! And all your emails like usual.

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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