Monday, May 2, 2011

If you want to destroy my sweater

This week has been sweater week. It´s got a lotttt colder in just a couple days. So now I pretty much always wear my sweater and have even had to wear my winter coat (there very conveniently was an extra in the pench that fits me) on a couple days. I even have rocked the scarf and gloves a couple times. I hope I´m well enough prepared for winter, I´m a little bit nervous that I´m just going to freeze to death. All of the houses here are just plain cement so insulation is unheard of. Each missionary gets three blankets and I think every pench has two heaters but from what I´m told it´s still not very warm. haha. I think I´ll be leaving next transfer so I´m hoping they´ll send me way up north where it´s not as cold haha. I´m looking forward to not having to shower out of a bucket anymore.

This was maybe the fastest week in my life. Which makes sense because it really was shorter since we had P-day on Tuesday last week but still, time is going by so fast. We´re already half way through this transfer and I´m almost at 6 months. It´s ridiculous to think about.. On a different note, I conducted my first sacrament meeting on Sunday. No one from Oeste came which means we have to conduct and Elder Mori didn´t know how everything works so he was just trying to prepare a lesson in case we had extra time at the end of testimonies so I just took over and did it. It was one of those circle things because I remember my first week when Elder Robinson was doing everything, and now it´s me. There were only 12 people in church, but still, haha. I just chose who would say the prayers and what the songs would be and then led the songs. My leading was less than perfect because it´s hard to think of how to lead and sing in Spanish at the same time but I doubt anyone noticed haha.

That´s about all I got for the week. I went on Divisions in Alvear and worked in the city a little bit which was fun. We played a game of soccer against these kids in the Plaza which was way cool since it was just completely random and I was in all my warm clothes but we still put them in their place real good. I love being a gringo that somewhat knows how to play soccer. It gives you street cred.

So, in case you hadn´t noticed, next week in Mother´s Day!! I´m excited to celebrate how awesome mothers are, I´m also excited to get to talk to you all!!! I think you´ll be getting an email from someone (at least this is what I´m told) that will explain to you how it all works. But I´ll send you the number of the cell phone that we have right now and when you all can get together and call then you just call it. Pretty simple I think. The best time would be around 2 or 3 your time, because that´ll mean it´s like 7 or 8 here. If you just send me an email saying what time you can do it that´ll be great, because we usually take a bus at 8:50 to Oeste. So if you can do it at 2-3 (7-8 o´clock here) then we can take that bus. And if not we´ll just take an earlier one so we´ll already be there and not have to worry about it. I hope those times work for everyone..and I don´t know how to get emma in on the line but maybe you all can come up with something for that. So yeah, just send me an email letting me what time works best for you and I´ll make sure I´m where I need to be.

Welp, I think that´s all for now folks.

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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