Tuesday, May 17, 2011

6 Months Young

Sweet Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I hit 6 months in the mission tomorrow. It is a super weird feeling, it seems like it´s going by way too fast. At the end of every transfer I look back and it seems like it was nothing. I learned a lot this week about a lot of different things, so it´s been a really cool week in that sense. It´s cool talking to so many people everyday because you see the world from their perspective and sometimes see things that they´re doing right that you want to do later in life or things they´re maybe not doing right that you don´t want to do later in life haha. Some of the families in Bowen are buying things that they don´t need and are pretty expensive and then are telling us they don´t know why life is so hard and why money is so tight when they´re going to church and have faith etc. It´s just interesting to me. I´ve also learned a little better with how to deal with companions and how you can kinda joke around with them when something is bugging you. I learned something else cool this week but I forgot what it was, so just imagine the coolest thing you´ve ever learned and there´s a 17% chance it´s the same as that other thing I learned.

My spanish is still improving and I´m a lot more comfortable with it, my grammer isn´t perfect yet but it´s getting a lot better. I´m also using the verb "haber" more which is key in sounding like you know what you´re doing haha. I can understand almost everything, especially if people don´t talk a million miles an hour, but sometimes when the conversations are about random things I´m not as familiar with all the vocab so I obviously don´t understand as much. For example we talked about fishing the other day and I had never heard the names of different fish before or the word reel, bobber, lure etc. But with normal conversations I get just about everything.

We toured a bodega (winery) earlier today which was pretty cool to see how the whole process goes from grapes with seeds and stems to wine in some pretty cool looking bottles haha. The workers there even let some of us put the stickers on the bottles. The bodega was named Faraon which means Pharoh and they kept that theme throughout the whole place so we got some cool pictures. There were egyptian painting things on some of the walls and a giant sphinx with heiroglypics behind it. I don´t really know what any of that has to do with wine but it was still pretty cool haha. P-days have been a little weird ever since that rule about our whole zone not being together (even though our zone is almost the size of other zone´s districts) but they´ve still been fun and after next week I´ll probably get transfered to a bigger zone where it won´t be as much of a pain.

Other stories from this week is that I went on Division with my District Leader here in Bowen and during the siesta we put Elder Mori´s plaque in Jello haha. He was so bewildered when he came back and saw it because obviously he´s never seen the Office before haha, but it was pretty funny. On Division we went exploring a little and went wayyy out in the campo around Bowen which was a blast, it was like a perfectly cool autumn day and they fields of grapes and trees were all different colors and we were walking in the middle of it just loving it. It´s gonna be way weird if I go to the city next transfer..

We also taught this super old lady this week who had a sewing machine that was about as old as she was, but it was in like perfect condition. I know that is a super random thing to write in an email and maybe not very important to many of you but I think Madeline would have like it a lot haha. She also had a guitar that was in a ton of different pieces and I really want to go back and see if she wants it or not. It would be way legit to fix it up with wood glue and even though we can´t play the guitar because of the new rules I could still have a way cool guitar from Argentina haha.

With all the love of a Pharoh´s Sphinx,

Elder Lounsbury

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