Thursday, May 12, 2011

Chancho Asado

Dearest Family,

It was sooooo cool to talk to you all yesterday! So awesome to see how everyone´s growing up like weeds and fruit trees. I still can´t believe Enoch can walk and talk, it´s super hard for me to imagine what he´s like but so cool that he´s getting so big n´ stuff.

This week was pretty good, I prayed for two things that I don´t think you´re ever supposed to pray for (patience and humility) so this week was a little trying but everything turns out fine in the end haha. Being able to talk to you all definitely helped a lot. The new rules about not being able to get together with the whole zone and not being able to play soccer unless it´s on P-day were kinda a bummer but the mission isn´t about having fun. On that note, when we went to our lunch on Saturday, it turns out they were having a birthday party! They had a bunch of family that wasn´t members there (which helped our numbers out a lot haha) and they cooked a whole pig BBQ, which is called Asado here. I´m not joking, it was an entire pig. Like head, tail, everything. My first couple pieces were mostly over cooked skin with fat but after that I got some good ones haha. Anyways, we were talking with the family and someone Bin Laden got brought up (a lot of people talk to me about him) and the lady was explaining what she had heard on the news or something. First of all, a lot of people don´t believe he´s dead because apparently they haven´t released a photo? I don´t know, I just kinda nod and agree with whatever they´re saying. But she was telling me how Bin Laden came from a rich family and was like really smart and then when he was older he tried to help the US with something but the President rejected him and so he got mad and that´s why he hates the US. hahah. I hope you all think that´s funny because I thought it was hilarious. I´m not very confident that´s how things actually went down. One of the missionaries here told me a story about when they were talking with a member and the member thought that George Bush either dumped or cheated on the daughter of Bin Laden and that´s why he hated the US and that´s why we went to war. hahaha. That one is even funnier for me... Anyways, I hope you enjoy those because they made me laugh.

Other than that I don´t really have any funny stories for the week. I did get a new hand mixer which is now my new best friend. The box was half in English so you know it´s gotta be good quality haha. I practically have Jamba Juice every morning for breakfast now. It is delicious. It was kinda an impulse decision because they were on sale and it was the last one, but I definitely don´t regret it. It also makes the most delicious chocolate milk in this world. Like chunks are out of the question, but it goes a step further and makes it super creamy. I think I´m gonna take it home and find an adapter for the US plugs, it´s so good.

Welp, that´s all I got for now folks, have a fantastic week!

Love, Elder Lousnbury

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