Monday, June 20, 2011

Do the Cucaracha!

¡Hola famila y amigos! So good to hear from all of you, I´m glad things over there in your neck of the woods are going great. Over here, we´ve had some problems..err..adventures with Cucurachas (cockroaches). I just went blood crazy this week and murdered like 17 of them (for reals, I´m not just saying that because it´s the best number in the world). Luckily are pench has this special Raid that kills cockroaches so it´s pretty much been my best friend. Although, I´m about to give up and just accept them as household pets because one of the Elders we live with used to work a lot in Pest Control and assures me there´s no way I can get rid of them with the Raid. I opened up a cupboard that Elder Hunter had never opened up before and there were like 10 in there. I was screaming like a girl and spraying Raid like it was the end of the world. haha. We have some pretty epic battles. I´m still a little uneasy from all the horror stories I´ve heard (like some kinda bug that crawled in a missionary´s ear once and laid eggs) and random facts (apparently cockroaches can fit into spaces as small as cracks in a laptop) but for now I´m not motivated to take everything out of the cupboards and start a World War III.

This week was incredibly unproductive. Elder Hunter was pretty sick from Wednesday until Saturday night; on Tuesday we did a white storm (where everyone in the zone works in one area to try to help them out) and we had interviews Wednesday in the morning so we weren´t able to get much work done. I went on Divisions a lot with the other Elders that we live with and tried to pass by our most important investigators and find some nuevos so our numbers weren´t all zeros for the week, but it definitely wasn´t the same. I did however, have a lot of time to study. And I have officially completed the first two chapters of Jesus el Cristo which I know isn´t a ton but I´m getting there. On multiple occasions I´ve looked up a Spanish word and not even known the definition in English..haha. But it´s coming along. I also, gave my first talk in Argentina this week. Kinda crazy it would come after I´ve had 7 months in the mission huh? I thought it went alright, I was glad my Spanish is to the point where I don´t just read everything like I did in the MTC. I gave it on the talk entitled something like "What manner of men and women ought ye to be" by Elder Lynn Robbins from the most recent General Conference and then tied in how we can use goals and diligence to improve our progress to become more like Christ. Aristotle said, "We are what we do repeatedly, excellence, then, is not a act but a habit." That guy knows what he´s talking about huh? I talked about how we can focus our goals on more what we want to be than what we want to do. Elder Robbins mentions it in his talk. So you should go back and read it. Way good.

Welp, besides all of that this week wasn´t too eventful. We had our last interviews with President Lindahl which was cool, even though it was only the second one I´ve had with him besides the short one I had when I first got here. We talked about faith and miracles which was really cool. I also asked him about stuff when I get back and advice about what I should do and he said to look him up and he´ll help me out, which is wayyy legit. Also, for lunch yesterday we had fideos caseros with some spaghetti like sauce and meat and it was incredible. Fideos caseros are when they make their own noodles. So legit right? They make the dough and then use this machine to help roll and flatten everything out. It ends up being this super long peice of dough that´s about 7 inches wide. they cut width-wide it into like foot long pieces and put it through the machine on a different setting so it cuts them into noodles. Hopefully you get what I´m talking about. I want to get one when I go home and be legit and make my own noodles.

Welp, I think that´s all I have for this week. Don´t let your dad´s eat pie!

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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