Monday, July 4, 2011

I love America

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!!!!!! I hope you are all partying it up with lots of BBQs and fireworks and patriotic celebrations. Over here in our neck of the woods we´re trying our best to celebrate. We´re celebrating the American way by spending more money than our budget allows! Haha. Nah I´m just joking. We started out the day by singing/belting/screaming America the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee and the Star Spangled Banner. It was a beautiful moment. Then we went to Walmart where we attempted to buy Snickers but they were all out, probably due to the fact that we´ve bought over 30 there this transfer. So we settled for Twix. They also had some things which look similar to donuts, so we bought some of those and finished off our breakfast with a Coke in a 12 oz can. Man, those things are way expensive here, but if we were at a BBQ in the states, that´s definitely what we would be drinking. The Donuts were nothing like your Krispy Kreme, but they were good enough for us. We´ve actually seen a LOT of red white and blue here in Mendoza today. Pretty cool right? Except all of it is because the Copa de America has started and there´s lots of Chileans here (who´s flag has the same colors) haha. But we pretend they´re just celebrating the good ol´ USA. To finish our Independence Day celebrations we´re going to eat at McDonalds. Walmart and McDonalds, can you get more American than that? You probably can, but in Argentina it´s as good as it gets.

This week not a whole lot happened. Tuesday and Wednesday we spent most of the day going by investigators to try and get someone to church and try to have some that are progressing but EVERYONE was gone or didn´t have time or I don´t even know. We had like all our plans for people to go by, and 5 or 6 back up plans and we literally did not get into one house. We even made plans with people in the morning to come by in the afternoon and when we went back they weren´t there. We also had a guy majorly cuss us out, which was a first so I guess that was pretty...interesting? All we did is knock his door and he came out ready to fight. But I guess that stuff just kinda happens. We didn´t get anyone to church, which means we went a whole tranfer without a single person in church, so we were a little depressed sunday night. But if it was all sugar coated and easy it wouldn´t be as meaningful.

A few more quick updates, we have a new mission President! President Lindahl left friday, and now we have President Avila. We haven´t seen any changes or even met him yet but I´ll keep you all updated on how that goes. Also, we find out transfers later today, and we´re prettyyy sure that I´m leaving. One of Elder Hunter´s friends from Arizona is coming and President said that there´s a good chance that he would train, and he asked questions about how good the area was for someone new etc, so we´re pretty sure he´s training and staying here. But I´ll let you all know next week. If I do go, I´m really hoping I´ll get sent to San Juan which is a lot more North and a lot less cold haha. But we´ll see.

Welp, I don´t really have a whole lot else besides that. Oh, one last story. We live with an Elder from Buenos Aires, and this week he asked me to translate an insult into english so he could say it to Elder Hunter. Instead of saying the real translation I told him it was, "I´m a fat pig face" haha. So he went into the other room and said it to Elder Hunter and I was just dying laughing. He asked Elder Hunter if he said it right and when Elder Hunter told him what it really meant he came chasing after me. He´s a pretty funny guy. I still laughed during random parts of the week when I think of that.

Alright, now for reals I´m out of ideas.

Have fun watching fireworks and drinking soda out of cans.

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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