Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of everything

Oh man, this week was really busy. It was a bit stressful because a ton of things were happening but sometimes you just have weeks like that.

This week I have mostly been working on getting binders ready for all the newbies that come tomorrow. When they get here we give them a binder with some talks in it and information on health and safety and finances and just stuff like that. Up until now we´ve gone through each individual document and printed it off x many times depending on how many missionaries we have. Then we have to go through and sort all of the different documents we print out and sort them into x amount of piles. Since we have like 20 something missionaries coming this transfer I´d started saving all of the documents as PDF files and then putting all of the PDF files together in order so that I only need to sort out when all of the documents from a binder end, instead of doing that for every single file we use...if that makes sense. Anyways, it was a bit of a project because on top of that we updated the emergency paper we have in the binders and the health guide we put in as well. At the same time I had to do stuff like send reports out to all of the stakes about how many baptisms they had last month, enter in/renew a few temple recommends for missionaries leaving or branches that still pertain to the mission instead of to a stake and send this updated electronic record for people to enter in the information I have to send to Buenos Aires.

AND on top of that, we were trying to leave at 1:30 every day to go by Matias and see if he could keep his baptismal date for this past Saturday. That always takes a giant chunk of time out of our day because of waiting for a bus and actually getting to our area but it´s definitely worth it. On Tuesday we went by and taught him all of the Commandments and he accepted them without any doubt. He had already stopped smoking a few months ago when he met his girlfriend and he is just so prepared. The good news about him is that the whole deal with his sister wanting him to be a Padrino has been settled and there aren´t any problems there. We were trying to keep his fecha for this past saturday but he had to go to the doctor on wednesday and on thursday when we called to verify our appointment he said he´s been up until 1:30 at work and that we´d have to wait for tomorrow. That one missed day made it really hard to help him feel prepared for still getting baptised that Saturday and we tried getting him there but in the end he just didn´t feel ready enough. But, he came to our ward for the first time totally by himself and after church went to a baptism that the other ward was having so we´re feeling really good about him. I think it´s almost a positive that he´ll get baptised this saturday. But, I got transferred to a different area. I´m still in the offices but I´m going to be with a different companion and am going to wash the area where the asistants (who are both leaving) were working. I´m a little bumbed because it would have been nice to work with him right up until his baptism and help plan it and everything but I´m for sure still going to go to it so it´ll still be a cool experience. But still, four areas in four transfers is a little crazy.

Welp, that´s about all I got for this week

With all the love of a bag of sugar,

Elder Lounsbury

OH, hey P.S. apparently starting today (kinda) our P-days in the offices are going to change to Saturday. So we´re taking like part of today as P-day and then part of Saturday (for this week only) and then after that I think I´m going to start just writing on Saturdays. Sooooo....yeah. heads up with that.

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