Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Manos Mormonas que ayudan

Hey family!!!

I hope you are all doing scrumptious. I sure know I am. Mendoza is starting to heat up a little bit and I´ve broken out the short sleeve shirts from the depths of my luggage and have crammed those long sleeved ones back in. Spring is just the best.

This week we´ve mostly been focused in on one of our investigators named Matias. I think I might have mentioned him to you all before (he´s the one with the girl friend who is a member) but he is just too legit to quit. Like seriously, he is the most prepared person I´ve seen in my life. He understands everything and is praying and reading the book of mormon every night. We have a baptismal date for him this Saturday but we gotta work out a couple things if it´s going to come through. The only tiny problem we have right now is that he sister asked him to be the Padrino (I think that means god father in english but I really don´t know) for her child. And he doesn´t want to let the family down but it would mean getting the communion and waiting until November to get baptised. Sooo, we had a good lesson with him and just committed him to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true and then to ask to see if this Saturday is the day he should get baptised. We´re going to go by tomorrow so we´ll see how it goes from there. The good thing is he wants to get baptised, we just gotta figure out a way so that he can and still be there for his family. The wayyyy cool thing about his story is that the missionaries went by his house like a year ago and he didn´t want to listen to much. My comp even knocked on his door more recently and he still didn´t want to listen. The whole reason this kid (he´s like twenty or so) wants to get baptised and is so open and prepared is because a member started sharing the gospel with him. So share the gospel with your people, alright!?

In other news, we did a service project on Saturday celebrating the 75th anniversary of...something. I think it was the anniversary of the church welfare program. Anyways, I painted this giant wall like a boss and got a sweet yellow apron thing (the kind you get when your a kid at Home Depot) with the whole Mormon Helping Hands dealio. We just painted and helped fix up this sports complex thing I guess you could call it. It was cool to see a lot of people from the stake there helping out and it was good for the community to see us as missionaries helping too.

Once again back to my nerdy side. This week I made (I was going to say developed but that´s just too much geek for me) this program that automatically updates where all of the missionaries are in the mission and there address and telephone numbers. We used have to do it manually and print it off for everyone so if President or anyone needs to call a missionary they know where they are and what number to call ect. But, updating it manually was a pain, and we found out a lot of the phone numbers were wrong so it really didn´t work that well. But, instead of doing all of that all I have to do is download an excel sheet from online and click a button and it fills everything out. I had some sick nasty code in there, you all would have been proud of me haha. But yeah...that´s about it for the offices.

One lasttttt thing. I am now a district leader. I basically have no idea what I´m doing haha and I feel pretty weird because three or maybe even four of the missionaries here go home in the next two transfers so it´s like, what can I tell you that you don´t already know? But I know I´m gonna learn a lot and figure out how to do everything...eventually. haha

With all the love of my newly ripped jeans,

Elder Lounsbury

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