Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week Elder Falcon hit his one year mark in the mission so we celebrated by cooking an Asado. I don´t know if I´ve told you all about the Asados here but they´re comparable to the BBQ we have in the states. The biggest difference is that instead of cooking over an open flame they start a fire and wait until there are coals to put the meat over it. They usually only flavor it with salt and maybe some other seasonings but this time we found a cheap version of BBQ sauce and put that on and it was about the greatest thing I´ve had in my life. Maybe it´s just because I miss BBQ sauce but this stuff was incredible.

Also, yesterday was Mother´s day here in Argentina. So, to celebrate the Avila family invited all of the office staff to their house to have dinner...and it was just amazing. They are such an awesome family. They had a ton of food there too haha. We had BBQ pig which was my favorite (you can never go wrong with BBQ right?) then they had some chicken and salads and little half moon sandwich things and it was just a lot of fun being together with everyone. After dinner we just sat around and talked and sung some hymns and sister Avila shared some experiences with us and oh man, I was having a mas o menos day but it just was a 180 turn around. It was way cool. Presidente Avila is hilarious, he´s always cracking jokes. Some are funnier than others and the ones that aren´t funny still are funny because it´s our Mission President that´s saying them haha. We just had a great time.

The week in the offices finally slowed up a little bit. Well, kinda. We didn´t have anything like consejo or random missionaries come or any training meetings so it was rather tranquillo. But that doesn´t mean I didn´t have a lot to do. We got a giant shipment from Buenos Aires which included 50 boxes of Books of Mormon and about 20-30 other boxes of random other stuff so it was a great test for my program to add it all to the inventory. Before I had about 5 spaces you could scan a bar code and then press a button and it would enter all the information in. But I found a way so that there´s just one space and right when you scan the barcode it automatically runs, which makes things go faster. Figuring out a faster way to do things is always great but it means I have to go back and change everything from the slower way to the faster way. I also added something called "Pedidos" which is for people who are in far away zones who call up and ask for things before president or someone else from the offices makes a trip to that zone. We have to keep it separate from the compras because if they don´t end up buying it the inventory numbers get messed up. So, I made a different part of the program where you can put those in and the Pedidos will show up on the corresponding zone list that can be printed off and signed by the people when they actually get the item they asked for. Super fun stuff...

Also, I gave my first district meeting this Tuesday. I was pretty nervous because BOTH the Assistants AND the Zone leaders are in my district so I felt like a little puppy in the midst of grandpa dogs with faces covered in the wrinkles of wisdom. I definitely felt a little inadequate trying to teach them because it seems like there´s nothing I would know that they wouldn´t know but...I think I did alright. I talked about opening our mouths which we call "abrir la boca" here. I read a little bit of what Elder Holland talked about in Priesthood session about how Satan´s "effort to stop the work will be reasonably well served if he can just bind the tongue of the faithful" and later he even talks specifically about missionaries and it´s just a great a talk. Anyways, we just discussed that a little bit and read some stuff from Preach my Gospel about how to talk to the people and I think it all turned out alright. It´s something that sometimes is hard to do in the offices because we only have half the day to work and sometimes we can get caught up in only trying to knock doors or something when we still need to talk to the people around us. Now I just gotta figure out what I´m going to teach tomorrow...haha

Well family. I was great to hear from you all as always.

With all the love of a barcode,

Elder Lounsbury

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