Monday, October 31, 2011

Playing Secretary

Things here this week after Tuesday were super tranquilo. Tuesday was a little insane though. Like I said last week, I had 7 hours of meetings. Elder Aidukaitis was really interesting. He was VERY straight forward and blunt and a lot of missionaries didn´t really like it but I learned a ton so I felt alright. I think it also helps that I´m not quite half way there yet and still have a lot of time to improve on the stuff he talked about. The big thing he focused on was planning. Apparently up until now we´ve been doing it all wrong...haha. So I guess it was good to start realizing that and start trying to do it the right way. He basically said after our weekly planning that we should have practically all of our agendas filled with appointments and plans for our investigadors. Before we´ve just kinda written down plans in another place and we haven´t done anything nearly as detailed. He read a couple scriptures where it talks about how God planned to create the world and how he´s such a good planner he knows the end from the beginning, it was a really cool priciple and he illustrated it well. I definitely need to get better a not just setting goals but planning out weekely and daily steps that I need to do to reach them.

Other than that this week at the offices was super calm. President and his wife were off doing zone conferences in all of the other zones and Elder and Sister Packer were out with an area doctor and two other office elders who were translating for them touring hospitals that the mission wants to use in the future. So, basically there were only 4 of us here for most of the week. We went rampant like kids with no parental supervision. We untucked our shirts and undid our ties and only ate chocolate for lunch. (see attached picture). haha. Nah, but it was super quiet here and I almost ran out of things to do a couple of the days because my programs are pretty much done. With no programming to do I feel like a soul with less purpose. We´re going to start working on a system that will back up all of the computers daily though so I guess that´ll give me something more to do haha.

I did get to play secretary for a little bit this week since Elder Ostler was out going to all of the Hospitals. I helped an Elder´s mom buy tickets on the same flight as him so after she comes and visits for a while they can go home on the same flight. It was kinda fun doing something different. I was kinda the middle man between her and this guy in Buenos Aires that buys all of the flights.

Also, since last Monday was a little crazy trying to get everything ready for Elder Aidukaitis we didn´t have much of a P-day so President gave us a P-day on Saturday. They just opened up a Burger King in our zone (I think right now it´s the only one in Mendoza) so we went to eat there. It was so classic, they had a McDonalds literally right next to it. They´re both in the super nice mall that also had an Authorized Mac Retail Store soooo I got to touch my first iPad. They also had the biggest most gargantic ginourmous screen I have ever seen in my life. It was love at first sight. But really, it was like the size of a tv.

Besides that this week was kinda boring. We have transfers on Saturday so it´ll be interesting to see what happens there. I don´t think I´ll be companions with Elder Falcon anymore and I might change areas (again!?!?) since we´re going from 6 Elders in the offices to 4 (remember two are being trained like I was last transfer) so one area is going to have to be washed. I´ll let you all know how that turns out next Monday!

With all the love of Burger King,

Elder Lounsbury

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