Monday, November 7, 2011

5 transfers, 5 areas, 5 companions

Welp, the area bouncing continues once again for me. We kinda saw it coming because now that no one is training in the offices we´re down from 6 companions to 4 and therefore one companionship has to leave their area. So, now I´m with Elder Ostler in Godoy Cruz Centro. He is a really cool guy so I´m excited to be with him, hopefully we´ll learn a lot this transfer. It´s kinda strange because he´s the zone leader and I´m his companion but I´m still district leader. Which almost never happens but I guess the offices are just weird like that.

This last week was pretty busy. President is in Buenos Aires for almost all of this week for a Mission Presidents meeting so all of the stuff that was supposed to happen this week happened a week earlier. Tuesday we had consejo, Wednesday we had a Trainers meeting, Thursday there were oldies getting inteviews here before they went home, Friday they left and the new group came and then Saturday we had to get the new group set up with their binders and cards and copies of their passports and all the important stuff like that that they need. It was also the very beginning of the month which meant I spent most of my time making sure we had all of the baptismal registros in. This week is going to be a lot more tranquilo so I´m super excited for that.

In the offices there´s not a ton of new things. We´re in the middle of getting internet that is 10x as fast as what we have so that´ll be great because it´s terrible slow right now. We´re also trying to get everyone using the calendar in Microsoft Outlook because apparently up until now they´ve done all their calendar like planning in excel, which does not make any sense at all. We´re also trying to make sharing information easier with something called evernote. It´s cool because I can put my search program up (offically named Google Mendoza haha) and everyone in the office can always have access to an updated version. There´s smaller things like a daily balance of how much money all of the missionaries have that we used to print off and now we just stick it on evernote and can access it whenever people call.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I went to church in San Ignacio where I got to see Matias get the priesthood and then bless the sacrament so that was way cool. He is such a stud it just blows my mind. He´s coming to all 3 hours of church now and I can tell he´s starting to feel more comfortable with everyone in the ward. It´s just awesome to see that. At night I worked a little bit in Godoy Cruz Centro, although it was somewhat disappointing because the baptism we apparently had lined up for this Saturday is encountering a lot of opposition from her husband who used to be an active member and now is completely anti. Her wife loved church and wants to get baptised but he´s let Satan completely win him over with lies. It was the first time in my mission I´ve come into contact with anti stuff, so it was an interesting experience but it´s just so sad coming from a returned missionary who once had a temple marriage.

On a more random note, as we were leaving we saw a car break down. We went over to see if they wanted us to push them and they said no, and then signalled for the truck behind to inch up until the truck´s front bumper was touching the car´s back bumper. On the green light the truck literally pushed the car until it could get enough speed to start on it´s own. It was so Argentine. Elder Ostler and I had a good laugh about it. Then later that night we had a car of guys drive by us staring yelling "BYU, BYU." We had no idea who they were or how they knew about BYU but I thought it was another weird Argentine experience that I´d share with you all.

Alright, I got one more. Elder Christensen and I just back from eating at this fancy restaurant downtown that had some of the most incredible steak I have had in my life. They practically gave us butter knives to cut with....and they worked just great. The meat was so good. Anyways, that´s not the story. The story is that on the desserts menu they had written "Hoe-made flan" (flan is like a bready pudding). haha. Definitely think they meant to say "home-made". I love english here.

Welp, I think that´s about all I got for this week.

With all the love of an Argentine steak,

Elder Lounsbury

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