Monday, November 21, 2011

Planning and other fun activities

Well, this was week was alright I guess...nothing big happened.....except Carmen got baptised!!!!!!!!!!!!! So pretty much this week was amazing. It was such a cool baptism. She just wanted a small meeting with a friend, her daughter us and a priesthood member from the ward but it was just fantastic. We watched the Restoration right after and I felt the spirit way strong. Then we sung a couple songs and you could tell Carmen was just loving it. None of us wanted to leave haha. We sat around for a little bit with a couple of the other Elders and just talked and laughed and it was just great. We´re super hoping her daughter felt something different and that we can start working with her. This next week we´re going to be going by Carmen to re-teach her the lessons so we´re hoping we can invite Florencia (the daughter) to listen to those when we´re there. We´ve gotten to know her pretty well so hopefully she feels comfortable around us because at first she seemed really timid. But she is super pure and already lives all of the standards and we feel like all she needs a testimony of the Restoration and she´ll be set. We´re going to help her study on monday and tuesday for her english exam on wednesday and then throw in some lessons after the english haha.

We´ve been as busy as walruses and time and just been flying by. I think part of the reason this week has been so cool is because we´re planning wayyyyy better. When Elder Aidukatis came he taught us a ton about planning. Before we´d take maybe two hours to plan and we´d only talk about what we wanted to teach the people or what we needed to do to help them but since he came it´s been completely different. Now we do everything we did before but instead of vague ideas and goals we want to reach, we write appointments in pencil for the whole week and lesson plans on what we want to teach for every investigator we have. Then we go back and make plans for every investigator AGAIN but this time focusing on how we can help them get to church. Basically by the end of our planning we have our whole week filled out with appointments and back ups. We probably spent about 8 hours in total doing our weekly planning last week. But that´s because we´re not very used to it. Hopefully we can get it down to 5 or 6. Then for our daily planning we go over the plans we´ve made and try to solidify them. We probably have around 10 phone calls to make every night now to confirm appointments and try to schedule times when members can go with us to teach. And all of those are on a check list we make during weekly planning. It´s super opened up my eyes to how powerful this stuff is. When Elder Aidukatis talked about it when he came he said that if we don´t plan we´ll only be the outcome of circumstance. And who wants to be that? We´re loving this new way of working and I´m super excited when I get home to use it and conquer the world!

I´m trying to think of other delightful things that happened this week. Oh yeah, I´m a year old now! Elder Oster and Elder Christensen bought me 12 alfajores (for 12 months) and 12 snickers because they know how much I love them. So that was a fun little way to celebrate. I don´t feel a ton different but it is a little strange to think it´s been a whole year since i was a little baby crawling into the MTC and trying to figure out what was going on haha. Everyone says the second year just flies by so I´m stoked to make the best of it.

Welp, that´s about all I can think of.

With all of the love of a yellow submarine,

Elder Lounsbury

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