Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just keep running

So, this week was another pretty normal week. I guess I have to catch you all up on the New Year´s celebrations we did because I wrote the last email before we had actually done much. We, once again, spent time at Presidents house with lots of food. And with his family. It was so cool going up to the top of his apartment complex and looking out over the city. There´s something I just love about how alive the city is. It was a great time to reflect on life and the mission. While we were back in our pench the firework frenzy broke out again. Seriously, I don´t know if it´s just the culture or because we were in the city but I felt like I never had an experience like that in the states with New Years. It sounded like a war zone again for a good half hour.

This week we´ve kept up the running. I´m starting to get a little tired of it, starting is for sure the hardest part, but once it´s all said and done it does feel pretty great. This week we ran a "Lazy Man´s Marathon" where we ran the distance of a marathon in 5 days. We had it planned to do it in 6 but Elder Ostler had to do visa stuff super early on Wednesday and instead of waking up ridiculously early we opted to run a little bit more and do it in 5 days. Today we had to run 10 kilometers but we kinda got lost and in order to make sure we didn´t run less than the 10 that we needed to complete the "marathon" we ran an extra loop. That looped seemed to last forever but at least we´re sure we made it to the goal haha. I love after you pass the point where you don´t think you can run any more, and then you do. I know I made a runny analogy last email with goals and being able to see where we´ve come from but I think the situation deserves another. All of this running has made me realize more fully the importance of placing yourself in good company. I would love to say even if Elder Ostler and Elder Burr weren´t running with me every day, I would still get up (sometimes even a little early) to go out and run, but the truth is, a lot of days I don´t know if I would. Es mas, all of those moments where my legs and mind are tired and I think I can´t go any further, I keep going because I know they´re still going and I can´t let them down. I feel like life is similar in a lot of ways, the influence our friends have on us is incredible. They can help us progress in ways we never could alone. Or they can drag us down. Either way their influence is enormous. So make sure you´ve got good ones that won´t hold you down!

This week was pretty similar to last week in that NO ONE was home. Ahh man, we don´t know if they´re on vacations or still working long hours or if they moved to the mountains to live in a hut with some llamas. We seriously haven´t seen almost all of our main investigators in such a long time. The somewhat good flip-side to that is that we´ve been finding some new people. We´ve found a couple who are looking pretty promising, so we´ll have to see how those develop.

In the offices, this week was SO busy. I had to update the board in president´s office that has a picture of all the missionaries and what area´s they´re in (which is a huge pain), I had to work on Aguas de Cuyo because we have zone conference coming up next week, and get all of the baptisms entered in for the year which involved some super last minute calls last night to get information over the phone so I could enter the last ones in. Plus, I made this "Budget Reader" program a little while ago for Elder Kammerman but the Budget we get has changed a little bit so all of the number were off. So this week I´ve been making a new version of it that will work no matter how many accounts get added to the budget. I feel like it´s my first legit program and it´s given me some insight in to how I can update the other ones I´ve made so that they´re more future proof and not so prone to change. So that´ll be a fun project in the coming weeks...


With all the love of a llama,

Elder Lounsbury

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