Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lose Yourself

Things lately have been deliciously busy. We had zone conferences all this week which meant I had to do Aguas de Cuyo (even though it seems like I just did those a couple week ago) and I think I´ve told you all about the new retention verifications that we´re doing and all of those are due this week so things here have been quite the locura. Since all of the zone conferences have been in the chapel next door to the offices we´ve also gotten free lunch every day. I think that´s been about the best part of my week. I wish I had more to tell but everything I´ve done is stuff I´ve already told you all about...things around here don´t get too exciting any more. However, a new senior couple just got here about half an hour ago so things this week will for sure be different with the old senior couple training them on what to do and getting ready to leave.

In other news, we ran half a marathon today. I felt like Voldemort was stabbing a wand in my right leg the whole second half of the run and by the end I felt like those weird prison guard soul-suckers were sucking my lungs out of my rib cage, but after some (very expensive) Gadorate things started getting back to normal. The only downside is that we don´t really know where to go from here. I guess we could keep running super long distance but after today I don´t have a ton of desires to do it again... I think we´re going to cut back on the intensity a bit and just start running for consistency. Anyways, that was a pretty cool goal that we set and accomplished.

The good news about this week is that one of our investigators returned from whatever far off mountain they were hiding in and we got to teach them. However, it seems like the rest of them are still living in hut with llamas. Most of them don´t even answer the phone, and one of them is a recent convert, not even an investigator! I have a slight hunch someone in our trio has been asking for more patience in their prayers and that´s why we can´t find anyone. I hope they hurry up and develop it so we can get to teaching some legit people again haha. Anyways, the person we finally got ahold of was Romina. I can´t remember if I told you all much about here before but she has been to church twice this transfer. We had a way cool lesson with her and Sister Packer (the mission nurse) because Romina is pretty fluent in English. We talked about the importance of baptism and then the role the Book of Mormon plays in getting an answer from God if we should do it or not. She said she really wants to know and she seems pretty sincere so we´re really excited for things to happen there.

We also started teaching the mother of a recent convert who got baptised in Utah while visiting her aunt for a couple of months. Pretty much all of her family are members and i think some things have happened in her life that have made her a little more open to listening to us so that´s way cool. She said at first she was horrified when she found out her daughter had been baptised but then when she saw her and saw how much she had changed she thought twice. She works this Sunday but she said she´s going to come next Sunday when she doesn´t work so i´ll let you all know about how that goes.

With all the love of wearing down Nike shoes,

Elder Lounsbury

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