Monday, March 19, 2012

El Cerrito!!!!

Hellooo family!!!! I am currently writing you from San Rafael! It's a zone more to the south of our mission. It's like an hour north of Alvear where I started, and my area actually remeinds me a ton of my first one. It's a lot bigger (we actually have a ward) but a couple times I've seen/heard/smelt something that gave me a flashback to my first area. Most of the roads are just dirt or rocks, there are a couple paved roads but they're mostly broken apart. Just like my first area I see people outside watering the dirt infront of their house or outside talking and drinking mate and it's just wonderful. I think I've gotten too used to the whole Argentina culture so I'm making it goal this transfer to try to take note of them and enjoy them in the moment. For example, the other day we had a lesson with a couple and there were chickens walking around in the yard like they owned the place. I gotta start enjoying those weird things that seem completely normal to me now haha.

I love my companion. His name is Elder Hibbert and he's from Arizona and he's a great worker. I think we're going to have a great transfer together. It for sure has started out great....we had a baptism on Saturday!!!!! I kinda just walked in to that one but it's still awesome!! Her name is Paula, she's dating a member and her investigating the church has kinda started getting him active so that's also great. I've only taught her like twice but she seems pretty cool. It was definitely hard leaving my last area, just because I'd been there for so long and I got to know both the members and the investigadores so well, I seriously felt like I was walking into my home ward when I walked in that place, but so far this ward seems great as well. Before the baptism on Saturday the Elders quorom cleaned the church and had an asado and even though the majority of them just showed up for the asado and didn't really help clean much it was still awesome haha.

Yesterday we started teaching a family who seems super cool. The mom is the sister of a member in a different ward here in San Rafael and she's kinda going through a hard time so they invited us over. We basically just got to know them yesterday--there's the mom and the dad and then 4 kids--but we have an appointment to come back and I have pretty high hopes for them.

Basically I'm just having a blast down here. I hope you all are too.

With all the love of a little hill,

Elder Lounsbury

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