Monday, March 26, 2012

Who let the dogs out?

Holaaaaaaaaaaa. Man, I am just feeling on top of the world this week. It´s been a pretty decent week, we had a couple long days where it seemed like no one was home and that we just walked around everywhere (which feeling was probably exaggerated in my mind due the fact that I was ridicously sore from playing soccer on Monday) but all in all it was a pretty great week.

I can´t remember if I told you all about the family we met at the end of last week but they are awesome. The mom´s sister is a member so she already has a basic concept of what the church is and we´ve been teaching 4 of her sons and they´re all just great. The first time we taught her her kids weren´t there so when they were there we repassed over everything we had taught and it basically turned into the mom explaining to them the apostasy and the restoration. It was fantastic.

On Sunday morning we had agreed to walk by their house at 8:45 and walk with them to chruch and when we got there a little late at 8:50 they had already left and were like a block ahead of us. It was so great to see that, it is super rare to find people who have that much dedication and will actually do that kinda thing. The only kinda of odd thing is that their dog followed us all the way to the church and somehow got inside during the middle of sacrament meeting. Luckily they were able to get it out super fast or else maybe they would have felt embarrassed or maybe someone would have said something that offended them and they wouldn´t want to come back. We´re super excited to bring them to General Conference next week. Seriously I love General Conference so much. I can hardly wait. I am going to buy so many oreos and chips and chocolate.

The other main investigators we have need to get married so it´ll be a little bit of time until they get baptized but their both super solid and have been to church multiple times. I just love teaching awesome people like them.

I hear things are kinda starting to warm up over there--well maybe not in Oregon since apparently it snowed over spring break but at least from what Cheryl says it´s getting nice in Utah haha. Things over here are starting to cool off a bit. In the morning and in the nights it´s getting a bit chilly but during the day it feels great. Since this zone is pretty south I think it´s gonna be a pretty cold winter. I´m excited to break out the apple cider and hot chocolate again.

Welp, that´s all I got.

With all the love of an obsessive dog,

Elder Lounsbury

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