Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

Hey thanks for all of those notes from the fam! You´re right, I loved conference to death. I was on such a spiritual high, I didn´t want it to end at all. I pretty much loved all of the talks but priesthood had some great ones about our responsibility and in the others I loved the focus on family. I had a pretty decent week this week, we were a little bummed because that awesome family we taught has kinda lost a bit of interest and we had a lesson that was kinda all over the place but we haven´t given up hope yet. However, the mom is the one most interested and she needs to get married and before she can do that the guy she´s with needs to have his divorced finished. THe good news is that they´ve already started the divorce, but the bad news is the legal system is horrible here and so it always takes forever. Besides that this week was pretty normal. Sorry I didn´t have more time to write a bit more but just know I´m doing great and I appreciate your love and support! Thanks for everything all of you guys do.

Love you all a million,

Elder Lousnbury

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