Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Prodigal Ball

Last week on Elder Lounsbury´s Great Adventure a treasured soccer ball had gone missing. I appreciate all of the crossed fingers and toes because I´m proud to say that the Prodigal Ball has returned to his father. Last week after we did internet we walked back over to the church and when turned to walk down the driveway to the house whose backyard was holding my ball hostige, this lady was just leaving her house. She was like, "Chicos, are you looking for a ball?". Oh man, those were the sweetest words my ears have ever heard. Haha. If we had gotten there like a minute later it would have been long gone. God answers prayers. Other great news about this week is....I´m going to be a dad!!! Elder Hibbert is leaving and on Wednesday I´ll be up in Mendoza to see who I´ll be training down here in San Rafael. I´m a tiny bit nervous but I think it´s going to be great and that I´m going to learn a lot. They have a new training/study program that didn´t exist when I was trained so I´m pretty excited to see how that is and learn from it! Any guesses about where my new companion will be from? Well that´s the most excited news from this week. We´ve been trying to work a lot more with the members and it´s slowly starting to work, however even though we had a ton of lessons solidly planned this week a lot of them fell through. In order for things to turn out the way we want them too we´re finding that we need to plan for about doulbe of what we want haha. But maybe that´s the way life always is. Things don´t turn out how you want them even if you thought you planned them out really well, so you gotta plan to do more than what you actually want to happen. We´re still trying to find some solid investigators that we can start introducing members to and that will come to church other than the one´s we have right now that need to get married haha. We have a couple possibilities but we´re still kind of in that process of looking/following up on people we´ve found and trying to teach them more often. It´s starting to get a bit chilly here so the sweaters and gloves and hats are slowly coming out of hibernation and are being moved to their new home somewhere on my person. Winter here is going to be pretty dang freezing so chocolate and cider mix are quick becoming the number one item in our food storage essentials. I bought an extra pair of gloves and another hat today and a new scarf may soon be in the works. Send some bottled sunshine will you? With all the love of a cloudy day, Elder Lounsbury

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