Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Talking to Parrots

Well this week has been pretty full of fun and interesting things. On Tuesday I headed off to Mendoza to sleep there for the night because Wednesday all of the trainers had to be ready in the morning for a meeting. It was kinda cool seeing all of the guys I used to live with and catch up with them and how my old area is doing etc. On Wednesday morning I helped some of the office Elders with a couple of the programs I had made when I was there. One of them had glitches and the other one just needed a slight update. So I felt right at home haha. Apparently one of the programs I made for the Financiero is now being used in all of the missions in Argentina, and another one I made is being used in a couple missions as well....so I thought that was pretty legit. It´s kinda ironic because those were some super basic ones I threw together like the day before I left haha. Well, as for my son....Dad guessed right! He´s from ViƱa del Mar, Chile. Don´t worry, I don´t know where it is either. Apparently it´s not far from Mendoza, just on the other side of the mountains. It´s been a great experience so far, the church has this new training program that we follow in our studies and I absolutely love it. I really wish I had been trained with this thing because it gives us a lot more direction on what to focus on. New missionaries are great because of all the energy they bring so it´s been nice. On friday we were looking for a contact we had taught in the street the week before. Her husband had just left and we thought we heard voices coming from inside the garage. The door was kinda open so we clapped a couple times but no one came out. However, we both swore we could hear voices coming from inside so we said loudly, "¿Hola?". My companion was a little bit closer but from where I was standing I could hardly make out anything they were saying back to us. It sounded like they were talking to us from the inside of there house into the garage because they didn´t want to come out. In my head I was thinking it was the fastest most slurred Spanish I´ve ever heard. My companion responded, "I can´t hear what you´re saying" like two times and we still couldn´t make it out. And then we realized we were talking to a parrot. Hahahah. It was so funny. Welp, that´s about how my week went. Hope yours went splendid as well. With all the love of a tricky parrot, Elder Lounsbury

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