Monday, May 7, 2012

Impulsive spending

Alright, well this week has been pretty busy. Tuesday night I was doing three baptismal interviews for some kids of a recent convert who are getting baptized so that took up a big chunk of our afternoon. Wednesday a little bit after lunch the district leaders took a bus up to Mendoza for a training meeting we had all day Thursday. It was cool seeing everyone again, even though I just saw them last week for the trainers meeting haha. Basically in the last two weeks I´ve spent probably spent 12 hours in a bus traveling from Mendoza to San Rafael. But I´m still loving this training program and I´m learning a ton and becoming a better missionary so I´m loving life. I don´t have a ton of time because we´ve been trying to figure out the Skype situation for next week but I thought I would at least tell you a quick story about something that happened last Monday. We were at one of the major supermarkets here in Argentina and....I found Snickers! I had found them in the same supermarket but it was in Mendoza where things like that are a little more findable. But it was a huge surprise to see them here in San Rafael. I had to take advantage of the possible once in a lifetime opportunity in front of me....and I bought an entire box...hahah. I got a pretty sweet discount on it which I use to justify my somewhat impulsive buy. It came with a total of 48 snickers which have increased the amounts of happiness in my bloodstream this week. Sorry I didn´t have much time to write more but just know that I´m doing great and enjoying myself like crazy. Hope you all are doing great as well! With all the love of a sugar high, Elder Lounsbury

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