Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The day the water died

Well this week has been pretty normal. Last Monday I found some bull´s eye BBQ sauce in one of the supermarkets here and just about screamed like a school girl. On thursday we didn´t have lunch (because we plan that day and it´s more convenient that way so we don´t have to leave and come back) so we made and cooked up some burger patties that were absolutely incredible. I have no idea if it´s because I haven´t had real BBQ sauce in such a long time or what, but these things were like some kinda taste-bud drug. I had even bought some tobacco sauce that I used to saute the onions with and it was just spectacular. Man, that definitely was a highlight of my week. In other news, our water is working pretty terribly.... On Sunday morning we woke up and there just wasn´t any water.... Luckily we had two 5 gallon liter jugs filled with water that one of the Elders here uses to do exercise so i was able to wash my hair and shave. That was a pretty odd experience. Then for some reason this morning in the shower there was only a tiny stream of cold water that would come out, even though in all of the sinks a lot of cold water would come out. So either we had to shower in boiling water or turn on just a tiny bit of hot water to go with the tiny bit of cold water to get a decent temperature. I had to use some pretty strategical aerobic positions to rinse off because this tiny stream of water was like an inch away from the wall haha. I hope our shower stops being bipolar before winter comes and all the air inside of the house feels like ice. With our investigators we had an alright week. We brought the youth leader to meet with Agustín and explain to him what mutual is and invite him to church so we were feeling pretty confident but when we went to look for him in the morning his grandparents said he was sick in bed. So that was a bit of a disappointment. The good part is that his little sister went who we started teaching this week and it looked like she fit in pretty well with all the primary girls so that was great. We also were finally able to have ward council which helped us a lot get things more organized for the less active families we want to work with. We might be able to squeeze a baptism in with Agustín´s sister but if not we´re looking pretty good for getting two early next transfer. Besides that things are just going great. I hope you all are doing just as well! With all the love of a lack of water, Elder Lounsbury

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