Monday, August 20, 2012

Welp, I don´t have a cool little email this week because I´ve been sick since Wednesday and my studies kinda went down the drain because I was just feeling terrible. But, the good news is we were still able to get a lot of work done and things are improving in both our area and in the zone. So all and all I can´t say it´s been a bad week because I´m finally working again how I´ve wanted and we´re seeing a lot of progress. My new companion is Elder Drennen from California, and so far things are going great. Basically all of our investigadors right now are part member families but the missionaries have kinda been afraid to teach them a lot (I don´t really know why) so we´re kinda starting from the ground up on a lot of them but it´s great seeing progress. A lot of hearts are being softened and we´re seeing a lot of miracles with dads who before didn´t accept us and now are way chill and nice so we´re really greateful for that. There still is a TON of work to do with both of our branches so we´re staying plenty busy. Like I´ve said before one of them is pretty close to qualifying as a ward so we´re trying to do all that we can to get the priesthood we need to make it a ward. Anddd the other branch is REALLY suffering. I don´t know if I´ve said it before but there´s like 700 members on the member lists and about 15 go every week. Hopefully we´ll be able to start making some progress with that branch as well but it´s just more appeasing to work in the area of the other branch a lot more because we´ve got boss members families to work with etc and it just seems like our efforts go further there but someone´s gotta start taking a big iniciative with the other one or it´s never going to improve much. The great news is that one of our branch presidents specifically asked us to play soccer with the young men that play every wednesday because there´s a lot of non members and inactive members that go. He wants us to play to see if we can make any progress with them. Pretty much I´ve been waiting my entire mission for someone to tell me that so I´m stoked out of my mind to start balling it up. In other news, Alex (our baptism last week) got the priesthood on Sunday so that was way cool. Other than that things are pretty chill, there´s not a whole lot more I can think of to tell you all... We have a way sick family home evening planned with a member family and a part member family tonight so hopefully next week I can send you some pictures of that. Oh, and i´ll send you some pictures of when we went to Cerro Arco a couple weeks ago, With all the love of a really long hike, Elder Lounsbury

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