Monday, August 13, 2012


sorry, i forgot these....we baptized this weekend! we baptized the two kids, Alex and Karla (I baptized Karla) the mom is already a member and has been since she was a little kid, all of the kids but the smallest one were actually born in the states when they used to live there. they moved here about 3 years ago because he wasn´t legal and they wanted to do things right. pretty much all of the mom´s family still lives in Utah and yeah! that´s the story haha. I want to start working with the dad but I´ve been told he´s a little relucant to get baptized because his dad is pretty catholic (and lives way close) and he doesn´t want any problems. But he is such a nice guy. really really great. Hopefully we can start helping him get a testimony. We´re also working with two other girls who are also the kids of a member. one of them acepted a baptismal date for next month and the other one has been to chruch like 5 times. unfortunately they didn´t make it to chruch so hopefully we can get them there next week. Other than that we´re kinda struggling with the whole teaching people thing....haha but this week is going to get better. Love you!!!!

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