Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tasting Art

I never knew food could look and taste so good. Our branch President who knows just about every decent place to eat in Mendoza (and it shows) recommended a bunch of different restaurants to us this week. So, we took the liberty to try one of them out a couple hours ago and it was about the best experience of my life. It was on the 14th floor of this hotel so you could see out across the whole city. Mendoza is a way legit city because there are giant trees on about every block so the whole view was just buildings surrounded by trees with the mountains as a backdrop. It was definitely a lunch worth savoring. This week was Stake Conference and since it´s at least one bus ride away and people here don´t have access to transportation so easily, it was hard to get investigators to church. We at least got one, but only because he came with his great grandma who is a super solid member that lives in another part of Argentina. We´ve been trying to work with his family but sometimes they´re hard to find and other times they don´t seem all too interested. We think they just listen to be nice and because their mom/grandma is a member so they let us in for now. But we´re going to keep go by in hopes that they´ll start progressing at some point haha. Other than that...that one family that was progressing SO WELL is acting way weird now and we have no idea what happened. I guess sometimes when something seems too good to be true it is.. And that other family that came to church had a family excursion this week so they didn´t come. The dad is kinda progressing but he sometimes doesn´t seem that interested either soooo we´ll have to see how we can help him out this week. The good news is we´ve starting teaching another family who seems pretty legit. The mom is way evangelical so sometimes she´s kinda got a few weird ideas but for now she´s pretty open. The husband doesn´t have as much of a religious background but it seems like he might be more open just because he won´t have to stop going to a church and leave behind people he knows like his wife might have to do. We´re really trying to help her understand the importance of authority but I don´t think she´s quite got it yet because evangelicals think about it in a way different way. But as she gains a testimony of the Book of Mormon we´re sure everything else will fall into place. Welp, I think that´s about it for now. Kinda weird to think that next monday will probably be the last time letter I write home... Welp, With all the love of art in my mouth, Elder Lounsbury P.S. tell Cheryl and the kids thanks for the letter that they sent...2 months ago?? Just got it this week...good thing they didn´t wait much longer to send it! haha..

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