Monday, October 29, 2012

I never did like rollercoasters

This week was SO WEIRD. Remember that great family I was telling you about last week? Yeah, well the disapeared from off the face of the earth. We went by like 4 times this week and had no luck at all. We´re really afraid something happened and they´re just ignoring us but we can´t think of what possibly could have happened to make them do that. They seemed SO PERFECT. Maybe we just got really unlucky with when we went by the house and when we called them but I guess we´ll just have to see how it all turns out. On Saturday we had an appointment with the other couple we´re working with where one of the parents is a member and the other isn´t. Usually the dad is all smiles and jokes but when he opened the door he just blankly looked at us and then turned and loudly asked if the wife was going to talk to us. He kinda just walked to to the back of the house and she talked to us a little bit and then he left and walked out the door. We were just like uh...what in the world is going on? We thought that he was mad at us but turns out we just showed up at a bad time haha. The whole family showed up to church on Sunday. We could not believe it. We had invited the mom before we left on Saturday but it was just a weird situation and we didn´t really expect anything to come from up. That kinda weirdness just sums up the week. But I guess we can´t complain too much for unexpected miralces haha. We had the primary program this week in both branches and as always they were some way funny parts. It was kinda cool how they did it though, little kids said the beginning and closing prayers and there was this little kid who introduced all of the kids who were going to get up and talk etc. It was great. The kid who did the last prayer (who is the son of our way legit next door neighbor family) started out very loudly saying "When I was baptized my dad baptized me." Hahah. I don´t know what kinda pray starts out like that but it was hilarious. Other than that things are pretty normal. We´ve been finding and teaching a lot of people who have a lot of potential but we´ll have to see if they can make some progress this week and come to church so that they can get baptized on the 17th. With all the love of a primary, Elder Lounsbury

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