Monday, October 8, 2012

Potato Soup and Spaghetti

Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out. We tend to turn a day without lunch into an opportunity to put a little American twist in our Argentine cosine. On Thursday we found ourselves in such circumstances. We decided to make some improvised Sloppy Joes using some spicy ketchup we´ve found here and while buying the needed supplies we had the inspiration to buy some mashed potato packets in case the Sloppy Joes didn´t suffice. My companion took care of cooking the meat so the task of making the mashed potatoes fell upon me. I knew after I had boiled the water and added the milk that the proportions of liquid to potato packet seemed to be erroneously uneven, but I didn´t understand how this potato packet was going to turn any liquid into mashed potatoes so I ignored the hunch. This potato stuff must be more magical than I thought. I affirm that at some point when I was pouring the packet in the liquid that the mixture reached true mashed potato consistency but by the time the not so magically mix had been absorbed by the water I was left with something that appeared more like potato soup than mashed potatoes. I figured I´d boil out the extra water that had mysteriously gotten in but after about 20 minutes, a burnt pan bottom and a few potato splashed on the oven we decided just to scratch the whole idea and eat some soup with our Sloppy Joes. Fail. 22 months on the mission and I still can´t successfully make fake mashed potatoes. It was pretty hilariously though. On Sunday our scheduled lunch texted us during church asking if we could move it to next week. Given the fact that we had nothing to eat in the pench, that it was Sunday and we couldn´t buy anything, and that next week we have lunches every day, we said yes. Somewhere in the back of the cupboard we pulled out half a bag of spaghetti noodles and a homemade bottle of tomatoes that an investigator had given us. We rolled up the sleeves and tucked in the ties and prayed for a modern-day food-version of turning water into wine. It didn´t really work. We tried spicing the sauce with a packet of taco seasoning. Nothing. Once on the noodles we tried adding tobacco sauce. Nothing. BBQ sauce. Worse. Finally my companion ended with putting ketchup on his and I put old Fritos-like chips on mine. It was so funny. We were just dying. It´s great finding stuff to laugh about. We had a great week with investigators. Those two girls didn´t come to church and we´ve kinda started thinking about dropping them for a week and seeing if it makes any difference. BUT, the great news is seven other people came to church this week so pretty much we´ve got a lot of work in front of us. Five of the people that came to church came with the help of members which is GREAT. We´ve started teaching the family of a recent convert and a couple friends of a this reactivating family. And besides those seven who came to church we´re also making some progress with the kids of an inactive (and offended) member because they come to play soccer every Wednesday now. We need to start teaching them but they´ve already got friends in church and one of them even remembers going to our church before. They´re way cool kids. I really hope I stay here for my last transfer, it would be pretty weird for me to leave but it always could happen... Welp, with all the love of a failed cooking, Elder Lounsbury P.S. this week I had a dream that I came home and Emma and Madeline had turned like half emo and had all kinds of lip, eye and nose piercings. It was pretty terrible. Please tell me it won´t be like that haha.

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