Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring Showers

Well family, this week has been pretty incredible. We have been teaching people like crazy and I love it SO much. We´ve had some really great lessons and we´re starting to see progress with a lot of people. One of our investigators that has been progressing the most is the wife of a less active member. I think we barely just found them last week but every time we show up she´s read all of the pamphets that we leave for her and understands everything way well. She´s started reading the book of mormon right now so we´re really hoping next time we go back she´s already read a decent amount and prayed about it. She has a baptismal date for the 17th (my last Saturday) so I´m REALLY hoping she makes it. She was way commited to coming to church this week but her husband got called into work Sunday morning so she didn´t make it. We´re also excited because his whole family are inactive members so if we get him to start going maybe we can start working on them as well. She´s also got a lot of family members who live close by and she´s already starting explaining to them everything she´s learning. His family and her family could be the spark that our tiny little branch needs. Other than that some of the other investigators we´ve been teaching since last month have kinda gotten cold. Two of them are the daughters of a recent convert and even though they both feel like everything is true they still have doubts about getting baptized right now. I know we should be content recognizing we planted some giant seeds there but sometimes you just want to see them take that step to follow Christ. This week was Elder Drennan´s birthday so I made him some pancakes in the morning and we had a BBQ at a members/investigators house to celebrate in style. Also this week we had zone conference which meant we had to get up infront of everyone and give a little training segment. We basically just talked about how to better use our missionary planners and how to be more organized with all of the information we have to handle as missionaries. We were going to give it on something a lot more interesting but the assistants selected two chapters from Preach My Gospel so we ended up talking about that haha. Welp, I think that´s about it for now. With all the love of rain on monday morning, Elder Lounsbury

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