Monday, October 15, 2012

Messi in Mendoza

The world´s current greatest soccer player graced Mendoza with his presence on Friday when the national team played Uruguay about 15 minutes away from our apartment. And guess who got his signature??? Not us... On Thursday we had a meeting in the Mendoza stake center and while we walked there from the bus stop we passed this block infront of a hotel that was fenced off by police officers and a couple swat teams. Given the fact that the Argentine national team played the next day and that there was a bus with the national team logo on the back waiting to leave the hotel it wasn´t hard to figure out that the national team was about a football field away from us. But we had more important things to do than get a million dollar signature....right? The meeting went pretty well at least. There´s a new focus in the mission about teaching complete families, and especially about focusing on dads. So we talked about how we can better focus on teaching whole families even though it might mean giving up an appointment during the siesta and scheduling it in the evening when the dad is home. Sometimes that´s a lot harder than it sounds because it´s hard to find people to teach durning the siesta and if someone wants us to come by it´s hard to say "No, we want to come by when all the family is here" but in the long run it´s what´s best. We´re still talking about the importance of referrences and working with the members and the asistants want us to talk about it some more this Wednesday when we have Zone Conference. Soooo that´s going to be fun. Hopefully it doesn´t turn out too borning haha. This week we had a way interesting lesson with one of our investigators. We were trying to figure out what her doubt was because she didn´t want to commit to being baptized even though she pretty much agreed to everything else (Word of Wisdom etc.). We basically asked her all of the baptismal interview questions and she answered correctly to all of them....but still said she didn´t get baptized. She said she didn´t know why and even when we asked her if she´d do it if God told her that she needed to she still said no. Sooo that was pretty depresing. We´ve been working with her FOREVER. I think we´re going to give her one more chance and really focus our lesson on how to get a testimony but if she keeps up we´re going to have to drop her... The good news is we´ve found two LEGIT couples. One has two kids and the other has three (all similar ages) and in each of the couples one of them isn´t a member and the other one is a less active member. Their both pretty open to listen to us and we´ve got a lot of hope for both of them. The only problem is that they should be apart of Boulogne Sur Mer which is the super tiny branch with hardly any members we can use so that these investigators have more friends in the church. The classes and overall feel of church is just way different too so they´re going to have to get really good testimonies haha. Anyways, that´s the update on that. Welp, I think that´s about all I got for now. Hope you all are doing great! With all the love of Messi, Elder Lounsbury

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