Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December

Well it's been another good week here. I was in such a hurry last time that I forgot to tell you some stuff about last week! I've seen so many people here that I know, it's weird. Within like 10 minutes of showing up I saw Dan Robinaugh (one of my roommates from last year) then I saw three people I used to play soccer with who were in my ward, my TA from Honors Pen and Sword, my other roommate Jarom Gropp, Nathan Wynn, an Elder from my English class at BYU and Elder Martin that I used to play ODP with. I definitely wasn't expecting to know this many people but it's been cool. Then when we met the branch Presidency Brother Lindsay is one of the Counselors and when I said I was from Salem they asked if I knew the Papworths. haha I was like uhh..yeah I'm related to Ann, she's my grandma. Apparently Sister Lindsay used to sing with her, it was another super weird connection but really cool at the same time. Oh, and three of the girls in my district are from Oregon, I don't think I told you that last time but we seriosly are representin good. Also, Hugh Nibley's great niece is in our zone, and I contacted her in Spanish so pretty much I'm famous now.

This week we've been working on questions that will help us get to know the investigator better. We also learned Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns, two conjugations for past tense, future tense and reflexive verbs so it's been a lot but I think I understand most of it, I just need to practice it a lot more. Also, our teachers decided that every day one of the companionships is going to teach them in 100 percent Spanish. Elder Sheen and I were the unlucky companionship chosen in class to go first. It was pretty crazy. He was speaking so fast but I was able to pick up on some stuff and just ask general questions about school and his friends and what he believes to help us get to know him. Mostly I just nodded and pretended I knew what he was saying and then asked a question I hope had some relevance haha, but he said we did really well.

They put up Christmas lights after Thanksgiving and turn them on every night which is really cool. But we can't listen to ANY music here so I'm absolutely dying. They changed that rule like a couple weeks before we got here, it was super unlucky but I guess I just need to be obedient and not question why. That's probably been the hardest thing for me so far. Besides that I love everything here. My district is so awesome and I'm really sad like half of them leave in just a little over a week. The Elders are so awesome, I wish I had more time to get to know them. The food here isn't bad at all, it's about 100 times better than what I had in college so I really can't complain at all. They do a good job at mixing up the menu too, I think pizza is about the only thing I've had twice here.

What else...OH! Okay the two most exciting things this week were, the most AMAZING crunchy leaves were EVERYWHERE. It was ridiculous. I kinda felt like I was in heaven. When ever I went anywhere there were crunch leaves just waiting for me to step on. The most incredible sounds were emitted. Joyous giggles were had. Also, I learned how to tie the sickest knot ever for mi corbatas. I took a couple pictures even because they were so good. It seriously made my day, they are the perfect balance between fatness and shape and I don't want to brag but they look pretty dang good.

Well for some reason I never got a response from you so I really hope I had your email right, I'm going to try to email it to Dad too so hopefully one of you will get it. If you just use DearElder to respond I can check and read those every day and then I don't have to waste computer time reading emails.

I love you and miss you guys,

Love, Elder Lounsbury


  1. Least anyone think that Zack is being neglected by his family, we HAVE sent him 4-5 letters a week via DearElder, so I'm kind of freaking out a little bit wondering if he's not getting those! I even called the MTC today to make sure we had the right box #, which we did, so . . . hopefully he's getting mail. I guess I'll have to wait til next week to get clarification.

  2. Fun post. I'm a little 'behind'. Two things that I think of when reading this post:

    1. Connections -- I have another one. Aaron's Aunt & Uncle work at the MTC. They are Leland and Sue Wright. I know this would be quite a stretch for Zach ... my old babysitter's husband's aunt & uncle! :) However, if he ever meets them, it's one more connection.

    2. Corbatas --- It reminds me of two rhyming phrases I learned in one of my Spanish classes (which is only funny if you know Spanish & English). Here goes:
    -- Corbata los zapatos
    -- Ropa la puerta