Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Voca

Holy cow, can I just start off by saying I have the best family ever? I got all those treats from you, and then presents from Grandma and Grandpa Lounsbury, The Folkmans, Grandma, and The Bensons. I got three packages one day and felt like a King. haha. So thanks to everyone for that, our room has a tiny christmas tree and a bunch of presents and stockings under it, it's pretty legit.

So much happened this week. First, and maybe most imporant, we had the most intense game of Volleyball ever in Gym on the 17th. Like four Tongans showed up and of course they know what's going down. It was way too legit to quit. Lucky number, right? Secondly, and maybe this should be tied with that game, we found out that Chocolate Milk + Salt is way better than just regular Chocolate Milk (that Modern Family episode was right). Blew my mind. Also, on Saturday we tried doing an 100 % Spanish day. It was super hard but I probably spoke like 85-90 % Spanish so it was pretty cool. Our substitute teacher didn't show up that night so to rewards ourselves for so much spanish we all went around the room and told funny or crazy stories that happened to us and tried to do as much of it as we could in Spanish (Elder Sheen has the craziest first date story, but that's probably for another time). This week we also finished up Passive Voice and all of Subjunctive. We worked on "If, then" statements that haven't come true or aren't real so they fall under different conjugation rules. Like "Si tuviera ojos en la parte atras de mi cabeza habria dicho que te ve bueno mientras caminaste afuera" which (very roughly) translates to "If I had on eyes on the back of my head I would have told you that you look good as you walked away" I thought Caleb and Isaac would appreciate that.

Sunday was super busy. Me and Elder Sheen gave a lesson in our District Meeting (I guess you can kind of relate it to Sunday School) about the atonement. I think it went really well, although I probably talked too much because I get super excited when talking about the atonement and all amazing scriptures there are on it. We worked out of 2 Nephi 9 and then some in Mosiah 4 and 5 and Romans 6 and 8. Romans is like my favorite ever. Anyways, so that went good and then during Sacrament meeting I gave a talk! It was crazy, I kind of knew I was going to get called on because we were sitting directely infront of the presidency and I told Sheen it was a bad idea but he thought we'd be fine. I guess he was at least haha. It was good though, I basically just read what I had written but people said I had good pronounciation so I guess that's good. I spoke about how Prophets in every dispensation prophesy and testify of Christ. I shared a scripture from Isaiah, I think one from 2nd Nephi and then one from Bruce R. McConkie from his last talk before he died called "The Purifying Power of Gethsemane." It's an incredible talk. Still on Sunday, while people were walking to and from the Temple me and Elder Sargent went out and would contact people, share a scripture and commit them to do something because our teacher challenged us to have 1000 lessons in Spanish as a District before we leave. I don't think we're going to make it because we're already like 80 behind or something but at least we can try haha. It's interesting because even though we're at the MTC you still have people who care about their time and want to get back to class so we had to teach while walking with them and make it kind of quick so we didn't bug them too much. We taught like 8 or 10 people in Spanish so that was pretty cool. After you get used to it and do it a couple times it gets way less indimidating.

This week I also found out that the flippin' Copa de America (It's like the Euro Cup but for South America) is going to be in ARGENTINA when I'm there. Games will be played in Mendoza. Joy will be had. I seriously flipped out when my teacher from Chile told me that. He's planning on going there to watch some games and will probably go to Mendoza to watch them because it's closest to Chile so I might get to see him too. So awesome. I can't wait for the whole city to shut down because their country is playing a futbol game.

Our schedule for Christmas is filled with devotionals. Christmas eve is basically the same until the night when we have a devotional. Then christmas day there's a talent show (one of the Elders in our Zone is in it, apparently he's pretty legit at magic) and then we have FOUR devotionals that day and some time to write home. So many devotionals though. Hopefully we'll be kickin' it with the Prophet and some of his 14 best friends, so don't worry about us too much.

It sounds like you're Christmas season is getting super busy! That's insane, hopefully everything turns out well. Maybe you should read Uchtdorf's talk that he gave during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional again :) haha. Also, that is so crazyyyy Alden is going to the same exact mission as Amy. Like that really blows my mind off of it's socket. Also, I can't believe dad didn't buy a Mac. You think he would learn by now that PCs have this super annoying habit of never doing anything right and then dying on you. haha. But whatever works I guess. It was awesome to hear about how he pulled off the church choir christmas program though, it sounds like he's really doing a good job with that getting numbers out that probably normally wouldn't have done it.

Well i'm almost out of time but I love you all and hope you're having a fantastic Christmas season with the family.

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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