Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One month?

Holy pizza rolls and rootbeer. It's been one month. I can't even believe it has gone by so fast, this week especially has gone by crazy fast. Not a whole lot is new, although a ton of people left from our zone, so now our district is the second oldest district. It's really weird. This week has almost felt like my first week just because practically everyone has changed. Like at gym and stuff almost everyone is a new face, but I guess that's just how it goes. We got another district of 6 Elders and 4 sisters last week and I think we get another district of 8 elders today so our zone will be back to normal size-ish. Our zone makes up a branch so we go to church with them (the prayers, songs, sacrament, and talks from missionaries are all in Spanish) but our classes are only with our district since everyone is at different levels.

My general schedule is as follows:

6:30 -- Wake up
7:00 -- Breakfast
7:30 - 10:05 -- Class with one of my teachers
10:15 - 11:05 -- Gym
11:30 -- Lunch
12:15 - 4:30 -- Study time
4:30 -- Dinner
5:15 - 9:00 -- Class with other teacher
9:00 - 9:30 -- Plan
10:30 -- Bed

But everyday is different, usually we don't have as much study time. Mondays we have service in the morning, tuesdays devotionals at night, wednesdays are P-days, and thursday we have this thing called a large group meeting. But that's the general schedule. Oh and yeah, I only have two teachers. I have one teacher who tends to teach more doctrine and one teachers who tends to teach more Spanish, but they teach a bit of Spanish and Doctrine or teaching skills or stuff like that.

Next week (so this monday) our teachers are moving to 100 percent spanish in class so it's gonna be crazyyyyy. They keep telling our district how amazing we are and that we're getting spanish way better than most of their districts but we all still feel inadequate and like we have so much further to go. But we're woking on it. On Fridays we go to this thing called the TEC which is where volunteers will come in and practice with us. The first week we contacted them in Spanish and then taught the first lesson in English, last week we picked them up from their house and talked to them on the bus in Spanish and then taught the second lesson in English, but after next week everything is going to be in Spanish so it's going to be really hard. It's not as hard teaching and getting your point across, I feel like we do an okay job of that, but understanding what they're saying is like so hard. They speak so fast and we can only pick up a few words so we just kind of guess what they said and try to answer it. Elder Summers and Elder Sargent were talking to this guy and he asked why he needed to be baptized again because he was already baptized in the Catholic church when he was a baby. Then Elder Sargent went on to explain how Jesus Christ visited the Americas. haha. Also, this week instead of saying I was the oldest in the family, I said that I was the best in the family. haha. There's just stuff like that but we laugh it off.

They do change the schedule for christmas and christmas eve. We're not totally sure what the changes are going to be but they have a talent show scheduled for christmas day and probably a devotional too. Our christmas eve I think I've convinced our district to act out the navitity story which is going to awesome, I can't wait. I'm gonna be Herod so I gotta come up with some kind of crazy hat to keep the tradition going. I'm excited because I think it'll feel more like christmas here.

I loved hearing from all of you this week. I got your packages on Friday and Saturday and they were muchly appreciated. I absolutely LOVE the picture of our family, even though it is a bit old. That's awesome that Caleb made ODP. What a capo (stud). I hope everyone has gotten over being sick, that doesn't sound fun at all, especially for poor Enoch. I love you all and think about you ever day. Also, you should send me more Noah quotes, like those totally make my day.

Well, Much love

Love, Elder Lounsbury

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