Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Missionary Letterq

HELLO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp, that´s about as exciting as this email is going to get because this week was pretty dang normal.

One of the few exciting thing I have to report I thought I had at least one thing but now I can´t think of it.. Yesterday we talked to a lady in English who has daughters living in Australia for about about half an hour in the street. She was super nice, usually when we´re close to downtown everyone is doing there own stuff and they never have time to talk to us but she flat out stopped and talked for what seemed like forever haha. She doesn´t live in our area but we gave her a pamphlet and are going to pass her address and phone number to the missionaries who live there.

We´ve also been by Carmen a couple times this week because she´s been going through a lot lately. Since she´s been baptised she´s gotten her motorcycle stolen, gotten jumped and now she found out her mom is getting pretty sick. We went by on Sunday and she wasn´t doing very well. She said she didn´t have any desires to do anything and that all she wanted to do was sleep. We shared the scripture about Joseph in Carthridge jail and tried to do our best to talk about trials when really we haven´t gone through anything super similar. Then we gave her a blessing and she said that helped a lot. By the end we were making jokes and laughing which was great because she said she hadn´t laughed in a long time. It´s moments like that that make you realize why you´re here. beans.

We´ve also been by Romina once and we´ve found out a lot of her doubts which is great because now we can start focusing on what´s holding her back. She just has small doubts about things like why we don´t drink coffee and a couple other small things so at least we know what they are now. It´s been a little hard teaching her consistently so that´s something we want to improve on next week especially since school starts back up here soon and it´ll be a lot harder then.

Man, seriously other than that not a ton has happened. Just registros and retention and a mission history and random other projects I gotta finish before I finally get out of the offices haha. But, those things aren´t too exciting nor new. I do believe the next time I´ll be emailing you i´ll be 21 so I guess that´s kinda exciting.

With all the love of a typicality,

Elder Lounsbury

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