Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey y'all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I loved the package with all the Hersheys kisses. They were delectable. Yesterday was great, I got to eat a bunch of cookies and chocolate and junk food and it was all super fantastic. It was cool being here in the offices for it because President bought pizza and an ice cream cake for everyone. Plus the senior couple here made these things that were kinda like pigs in a blanket so we were all super stuffed after lunch. I don't really feel a ton different but I guess that's how it usually goes.

This week has been great teaching wise. We've been able to teach this guy named Rusbel who came from Peru about a month ago to live her for a while. He lived with one of his friends who actually just left on a mission about two weeks ago. So he's talked with him before and his friend got him interested in coming to church etc. We've played soccer with him a couple times and this week we started teaching him really consistently, almost every day. Usually he doesn't have a ton to do because he's not working or going to school so it's been pretty easy haha. Anyways, he's been to church once, and is committed on going this Sunday and has a tentative baptismal date for next Saturday.

We've also been able to teach Romina more, although she's been pretty hard to get ahold of because her phone works off and on. But we've kinda figured out more doubts that she has and we're trying to work through those with her. She says she feels great while she's in church or while she reads the Book of Mormon but she says she doesn't feel ready to give up some small stuff because she doesn't feel the desires to yet. It's kinda odd because it's like she's saying she has a testimony of church and the Book of Mormon but doesn't have a testimony in some of the things that are inherently tied to the truthfulness of those two things. We just need to get ahold of her enough to be able to teach her a more often.

In the offices this week we've been trying to get numbers and percentages for President on a couple different things he wants from now on but it's required going back and looking in records all the way back to the beginning of that's been super fun. I wrote up a small something something to count most of the stuff for us because the reports we were looking at were in excel but we still have some other things to look at next week that weren't as easy.

Another kinda small thing that happened this week is one day while we were studying we felt a super small earthquake. It was super strange because it only was one shake, it wasn't followed by anything else but it was still kinda cool.

Welp, until next week.

With all the love of a birthday pizza,

Elder Lounsbury

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