Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have a step-son

Well family, the big and great news for this week is I'm now training in the offices. He obviously already has a dad in the mission, so I guess that kinda makes me his step-dad and I'm alright with that. It's been kinda weird just adjusting everything and trying to bestow the little knowledge I have on him but I think he's going to do great. His name is Elder Wheeler and apart from being with me in the offices he's also replaced Elder Ostler in our trio companionship. I was kinda hoping to get out of a trio and to go back to being normal again but since I'm already used to it I'm not too upset that didn't change. I think this transfer is going to be a good experience for me because I'm the one with the most time in the companionship so it means a lot more leadership and decision making.

Our area has double the amount of missionaries than any other area in the mission. There's now three assistants who work in our area, the three of us from the offices, and two sister missionaries that are just starting. It's going to be interesting because two of our main investigators are women and we've told the sister missionaries about them so they're going to start going by a lot. I have mixed feelings because it's so fun and rewarding to teach people like those two investigators who are open and progressing and learning etc. but they also might be more open talking to sister missionaries. So..we're going to have to see what happens with that.

Last night we passed by a less active member who is on our ward's 5-5-5. When we started talking she asked us who invited or told us to go by. We explained that were just in the area and thought about knocking. She was like, "Oh, because the bishop is going to come by in a little bit." I thought we were going to have a super cool lesson with her to get her active again so I was pretty excited. But, when the bishop finally came, he came with this guy from Buenos Aires who had what looked to me like a very expensive camera. I was super confused. They explained that they were filming a training video for all of the ward secretaries in South America on how to do a ward family night activity thing and explained that we were to be apart of it. We were more bewildered than wildebeests. This guy had like legit lights that he set up in the house and everything. He took video of people coming in and greeting each other and the bishop introducing what we were going to do even though we didn't actually have a family night and it was all fake. Then they got me raising my hand and saying "I want to share a scripture" as I tried not to smile haha. I felt super strange. It probably didn't help that I had on this some-what-flamboyant pink tie that I just got from Lindsay haha. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that every ward secretary in South America is going to know me as or make jokes about the weird gringo with the flamboyant tie who magically opened right to the scripture he was looking for. We had to release waivers to let them use us so it was the real deal. I wouldn't be surprised if you see my face on some summer blockbuster commercials in the coming months.

Welp, I think that's about all I got for now. Hope you all have a great one!

With all the love of Mel Gibson,

Elder Lounsbury

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