Monday, September 17, 2012

Helping Hands

On Saturday we had the opportunity to be apart of a Mormon Helping Hands service project. We completely fixed up a neighborhood plaza/park here in Mendoza. We welded, sanded, and painted a play structure that was pretty beaten up. We also painted benches, took out a ton of rocks from the soccer field, planted trees and some people were even completely renovating this public building that served for something in the park haha. We got to wear to those cool Mormon Helping Hands jerseys and I saw one of the recent converts from Godoy Cruz so everything turned out pretty cool. Two new people came to church this week which is pretty great because the two people we have closest to baptism are progressing a lot slower than normal people haha. We´ve mostly been working in Cementista, the bigger branch, and haven´t done much in the smaller branch but this week we found a lot of way cool people who live in the area of the smaller branch so we´re excited to start working a little bit more over there. We had to give talks in Cementista this week so we just gave the same ones we gave in the smaller branch a couple of weeks ago haha. Altough I changed mine a lot and I think it turned out way better. It´s like we always get a practice round with the smaller branch and then we can change it and make it better for the bigger one haha. We had a Family Home Evening with Alex and Carla, our recent converts, and since their mom is from mexico we had tacos after the lesson. And they were incredible. They made their own tortillas and their own hot sauce. We walked out like 10 pounds heavier... They´re a way cool family though. They´re all way legit, Alex is inviting some of his friends to the soccer activities on Wednesday and one of them came to church this week so that´s way legit. We´re trying to get teaching moments in with the dad so hopefully he´ll get a testimony here pretty soon... We just got back from the closest thing they have to a mall here and they had some iPads you could type on and stuff and it was wayyyyyy legit. The place also has a Burger King and the whole thing is just like a little taste of the states. It was delicious, especially the iPad. Other than that...time is going by way too fast. The weeks are just flying by faster than ever and I can´t even really think of much else that happened... With all the love of dirty hands, Elder Lounsbury

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