Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The first day of spring

I cannot believe school is starting again, that seriously just blows my mind sockets out of their membrane wall. It´s also just way weird thinking of everyone two grades further than they were when I left. I still think of madeline as a freshman and since when was emma further ahead of me in school? I think the news of everyone going into school over there somehow reached Argentina because this week has been absolutely gorgeous. I walk out of our apartment in the morning and the weather couldn´t get any better. It is seriously incredible. These past two days I think we´ve been in short sleve shirts even at night. Winter just kinda never came and spring is coming early, so....my life is perfect right now. That´s WAY AWESOME you guys invited someone to church!! I am way impressed. Like seriously, way to be bosses. Hopefully they´ll keep coming because now they´re one step closer to eternal happiness!! haha. And who doesn´t want that? On this side of the pond things are going pretty well. We made some progress with an "eternal investigador" when we finally got to talk to him alone but just when we were about to get into the real good stuff some of his family got home and we kinda lost the opportunity to get where we wanted to go but we´re way happy to see what he needs or what he might not understand because sometimes with investigadors like this missionaries think they already understand everything perfectly. We´re also seeing fruits of working with two kids of a member who are slowly gaining testimonies. They came to church last week but unfortunately didn´t make it this week. But, we´re definitely seeing progress with them as well and have hopes they´ll get baptised this month. Other than that this week we had a meeting with all the zone leaders on friday about how to be better leaders and what things we can do in our zone to help the missionaries work more with member references. They gave us a way good talk entitled, "Jesus the Perfect Leader" by President Benson I think and we talked about how love needs to be our main motivation, not our own needs or desires. We have a meeting tomorrow with the whole zone so hopefully we´ll be able to instill in all of the missionaries the importance of working with the plan 5-5-5 and how we can work with the members to plan and contact references. With all the love of a new sun, Elder Lounsbury P.S. I had some of the best food in Argentina on Sunday with our next door neighbors. It was like pork chops from back home with an incredible sauce on top and oh my taste buds, it was to die for.

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