Monday, August 8, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

This week we moved apartments! It was a pretty big project, it took us two full days to pack and clean up everything and actually complete the move. Thursday we started packing and cleaning and then Friday we actually moved. Packing didn´t really consist of putting things in to boxes, instead we just had random stuff shoved into about every plastic bag we owned. It was quite the difference experience than what we get in the states. Moving trucks like we have with nice little ramps to walk up don´t exactly exist here. You can either get what´s called a flete, which is pretty much just a regular truck, or you can get a camion which is more like a dump truck. We would have had to take multiple trips using the flete so we settled for the camion. But, it meant that loading up everything included lifting it up about 4 feet in the air and then sliding it on to the bed of the truck. Two dressers, two fridges and an oven. Luckily one of the zone leaders (who we live we) is an Elder from Panama who wakes up half an hour early just to work out more and easily resembles the hulk.

Loading everything up wasn't too bad, but hauling everything to the second floor of our new apartment proved to be a little difficult. Especially since the normal stairs we use have like two corners. We barely got the first dresser up and in the process chipped off some of the new paint in the stair case and broke a hopefully insignificant bottom piece of the dresser haha. The second dresser was much bigger and heavier. Luckily there's a second staircase in the back of our apartment, and the owner of the panaderia (bread store) let us take this giant dresser through his store because he has access to the yard where our back stairs go to. (That's one of the pictures I sent). This is where the moving gets a bit unorthodox. We figured it would be easier to put the dresser on its back and use the stair railings to push it up, rather than carry it up the stairs like normal people would. So, we flipped the dresser so the drawers were facing up, set it on the railings, and began to push. Then we got to the top and couldn't push it any longer because the stair railings connected in the middle of the gate (I think there's another picture I sent that will help you get the idea of what I'm talking about.) So some of the Elders lifted up the front part of the dresser so we could make it past the gate and me and one other Elder pushed from the bottom. Haha. I was so scared it was going to fall back and I was going to get decapitated. But we pushed it over the gate and once we got it past the middle it flipped down just fine. Seems like some kinda crazy idea Dad would have, but it works, and I'm alive. You can thank Elder Guillen for the pictures, while we were barely holding this thing up he was busy documenting it for our future children haha.

We also had zone conference this week. It was the first one with President Avila. He´s only changing a few things like now our district meetings are on Tuesday morning instead of Monday night. He talked about planning and how to me more effictive with that. He hasn´t made any big changes yet, we can still drink coke and pepsi and play soccer on P-days haha. Oh, one interesting thing is that we´re getting DVD players for our apartments now. Like apparently this is a world wide thing, but now we´ll have those to watch this DVDs called The District which are like training DVDs on how to do pretty much everything you do as a missionary. How to work with the ward leaders, the members, how to teach, how to plan, how to study, it pretty much has everything. So the church must think those are going to help a lot.

Another weird note, you remember how it was snowing last week? Yeah, well it pretty much feels like spring now. I was getting hot the other day in just a long white sleeve shirt. Hopefully it stays this nice haha.

Love you all,

Elder Lounsbury

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