Wednesday, August 17, 2011

La tour de Argentina

Welp, this week is the last of the transfer. Once again, time is going way too fast. Can you believe it's been a year since I got my call? It all seems really weird. Also, did you know Madeline is going to be a junior? That just blows my mind in 17 million pieces. Noah is starting kindergarten and Caleb just got the priesthood. . . Time is such a strange thing.

This week I got to ride a bicycle! Which is a really rare thing because a couple years ago they made a rule that we couldn´t. (Which is weird right? since I´m sure white shirts and bikes are what everyone thinks when the picture a missionary) Anywho, I guess we have special permission or something because there´s a barrio (neighborhood) that is super far away. Last time it took my companion and his old companion almost an hour to get there, so you can imagine how long it would take walking. And there´s only like two buses a day and if we miss it we´re in trouble, so bikes are the solution. This time we made in there in like 30 minutes, but we were booking it. I think the last time I rode a bike was when I was like 9 haha, so my legs were burning like the entire time. But Lance Armstrong never quits and neither does Elder Lounsbury.
I think this week we taught one of the poorest people I think I´ve ever taught. We had actually talked to him in the street before and we saw him again and he said he had some time so we walked to his house (if you can call it a house). We didn´t actually go in because there wasn´t room. He basically lived in a tent. There were like four wooden posts covered in plastic that were maybe about half the size of my room and like two pots outside where I guess he cooked when he could. It´s incredibly eye opening and sad to see the difference in living conditions. You definitely get a new perspective and new appreciation for everything you have.

On a different note, we find out tonight if Elder Guillen is going to leave or stay another transfer. And we´re pretty sure one of the Elders in our pench is leaving so either way I´ll be getting something new. But I´ll let you all know about those next week.

I hope everything is going splendid,

With all the love of the Jamaican bobsled team,

Elder Lounsbury

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