Monday, August 1, 2011

August Snowfall

Hello family, how are you all doing? To start off the period button on this keyboard is horrible and either doesn´t work or puts like a huge line of periods. But that alright, maybe I´ll just try to use long sentences that never end.

As you can probably tell by the title, we´ve been getting a little bit of snow here. Even though today was actually really nice and we played soccer with short sleeves etc, on Saturday and Sunday we got about one inch of snow. Elder Guillen was excited because it doesn´t ever snow in El Salvador, but I have to admit, he is a terrible snow man maker. Haha. The mountains looked way cool and I´ve got a couple cool pictures so I´ll try to send you some soon. This week was pretty good. We´ve found a lot of people and have had success entering in houses and teaching people, which is a giant improvement from my last area, but we´re struggling in finding a way to have people progress. It´s almost as if we have too many investigadors. We have like over 20 people that have let us in and we´ve taught once or a couple times but it´s hard to focus on any of them because then you leave the other ones out. And a lot of times we pass by and their not home or something so that´s kind of where we´ve been lately.

But we´ve had several people just this week accept baptismal fechas. On Saturday we were looking for an old investigador but ended up running into someone else who had talked with the missionaries before and has a book of mormon. She goes to an evangelical church but she seemed way prepared because she had really cool answers to our questions and told us that she´d pray and that she´d get baptized if she got an answer. Later that day we talked to a different old investigador who had a guest over and at first the guest seemed kinda closed and uninterested but after we started talking a bit he opened up and after the prayer he told us that he´d actually listened to the missionaries before and has a book of mormon as well and that he wanted us to come by. There´s a lot of people here like that, they´re willing to listen and seem really prepared but getting them to follow through on their promises is a bit harder. For example we had like 5 people tell us they were going to come to church last week and none of them came haha. But they have good desires and we just need to learn how to work with those a little better.

I´m trying to think of cool stories that I have for you all but I can´t think of many this week. I´ve learned to play chess and I actually really like it. But maybe that´s just because I don´t have many other forms of entertainment right now haha. I´m also learning how to cook super awesome Argentine food because we don´t have lunches like 3 days of the week and one of the Elders we live with knows how to cook really well.

This sunday was kind of funny. I was supposed to give a talk but on Saturday the bishop told me he had assigned someone else so I was going to have it another week. Then in the first hour of church (we have sacrament meeting last) he told me that person hadn´t come and asked if I could give it. I didn´t have any of my notes or materials so I spent the second hour trying to remember everything I had written down and where all the scriptures were etc. I don´t know why but I was pretty nervous just trying to get everything together. Finally I finished everything just before sacrament meeting started. Andddddd then the first speaker spoke for like 45 minutes. I´m not joking. She took up the entire time, literally. I did not have to say one word because the bishop signaled to me I would just do it another week haha. It was funny because I was supposed to give this talk like 3 weeks ago but for some reason or another it´s just kept getting put off for longer. Also, in the first hour we talked about things we should and shouldn´t do in a talk because people had been just reading old talks or taking too much time (which we talked about) and then this hermana spoke for like an hour. Haha. It was a really really good talk though, and it saved me so I was grateful.

Welp, thanks for all the updates and I hope everyone is doing fantastic.

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