Monday, August 22, 2011

The Office(s)

Alright family. This has been one of the weirdest weeks of my life. Maybe the most bewildering week of my life would be a better term. Remember that one time I was in San Martin and expecting to stay because I had only been there one transfer? Yeah, me too. It didn´t happen. Not only did it not happen, but I got transfered to a little place called the mission offices. I was expecting to maybe get someone who has less time than me and start being a senior companion; the offices didn´t even cross my mind. Elder Guillen and I seriously thought our Zone Leaders were playing a joke on us until they came home and told us it was for reals haha. Everyone else here in the offices is going home in the next 4 months....haha. We think that I got chosen because in the picture that the mission uses for everything (they take it when we first get here) I´m wearing glasses.. It´s the only thing I can think of.

Anyways, you´re probably wondering what I do all day now. So am I. My offical title is "Historiador." My first thoughts were "I have no loving feelings towards history" but it turns out it´s not quite as I was thinking. Right now the old Historiador is training me and teaching me what exactly it is that we do here. So far, I´ve picked up on a couple things. One thing I do is fill in a form online and send all of the mission numbers to Buenos Aires. For example, all of the new investigators, lessons with members, baptisms and confirmations, etc. for the whole week get reported to the Area. I also make sure after someone is baptized that we get their records. I fill out a form online for every person that gets baptized, and then I make sure the real record gets sent to Buenos Aires. Apparently I also do a lot of stuff when new missionaries come, like getting these binders ready and I don´t really know what else. I also do something for Zone Conferences, but I don´t what that is either haha. I'm also in charge of random translations between Elder and Hermana Packer (who are a senior couple from the states who work in the offices) and President Avila and his wife. The first few days were absolutely insane, but I think I´m starting to get a little more used to everything.

My schedule goes like this: Monday is a normal P-day, we are free until 6 o´clock and then we go out into our areas and start to work. Tuesday - Friday we're in the offices at 10 after personal and companionship study and we work until 4, then we go out into our areas and work. And Saturday and Sunday we spend the whole day working in our areas. It´s been really tiring so far because President is hoping that we keep lunches to 30 minutes and usually we had an hour for lunch and then an hour and a half of language study, so we got a little bit of a break during the middle of the day and then work straight until 9. It´s interesting because you have to balance two worlds, all of the projects or things you need to get done in the office, and all of the people you need to visit and teach. But I love all the Elders that are here and we´re having a lot of fun. I´m going to learn a lot and that´s what I want!

A couple benefits of being in the office is that when new Elders are coming we get to eat the awesome meals they get. We also have Hermana Packer (who is the mission nurse) who loves to cook. She made Chili on Friday for all of the Elders here. It was heavenly. I´m so stoked to be here during Thanksgiving and Christmas (since it´s practically guaranteed that the office Elders will be here for 6 months).

Welp, as usual, thanks for all the love!

With all the love of a geek,

Elder Lounsbury

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