Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So the great news this week is that Valentina got baptized! Her whole family came to chruch (her inactive dad and non-member mom) so that was also pretty great. Also, her brother is getting baptized this Saturday so we're super excited. We're hoping this week we can start working a lot more with the family. They looked so great in church. We just gotta get them going like a family like that every week. Saturday was actually pretty hectic. There was a Primary activity in the morning that we tried bringing a couple of investigators too but we got there late to meet with the ward secretary who had the keys to look at the baptismal clothes and start filling up the font. It wouldn't have been too bad if that was the only thing but we found out there were no clothes for little girls and that the water didn't work in the church. So basically we were just missing the two most important things besides the actual person getting baptized. haha. We ended up getting ahold of a guy who came to fix the water and had to take a taxi over to a member's house from another ward who had some clothes we borrowed from her. Anyways, after all the chaos it turned out pretty well. There's weren't a lot of other members there (only the bishop, the primary president and her family) and I have a suspicion that it was because Brasil and Argentina were playing... haha. (Of course Argentina won, I'll have to talk a bit of trash to Elder Plant haha) The only slightly bad news is that one of our investigators didn't come to church so unless we stretch the two-church-attendance standard we won't be able to baptize next week. But we're still working with a couple people so hopefully we can have at least one more before the transfer is over and I bounce out of this area. So far things in my district are going alright. Neither one of the companionships had a very good week but they both had like half weeks because of transfers so it's understandable. I'm probably going to have to do exchanges next week so that'll be interesting. Mostly I'm thinking I just gotta get them excited and get them a couple of solid investigators because since they're washing an area they're pretty much starting from zero. We played soccer today and so I got to know them a little bit which was good. It's going to be interesting balancing getting everything done in our area so that everything goes smoothly with Agustin's baptism and at the same time work a little bit in another area to help them get started. I love seeing English translations here. Today we went to a restaurant and there was some pretty ridiculous stuff on there. I feel like they just typed it in google translate. For different sized drinks in spanish they had Chico, Mediano, Grande meaning Small Medium and Large. But the translation for "chico" was "boy" because in a different context that's also what it means...haha. So basically they had "boy" listed on their menu. Tasty. Another kinda funny one was this alcoholic drink called "Black Jack" and the translation for it (you think they'd know that was already in English) was "Jack Black" haha. Wonder if he knows he's up for sale in Argentina. Pretty cheap too. Welp family, that's about all I got for now. With all the love of Jack Black, Elder Lounsbury

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